3 Wearable Tech Gadgets For Men – Kinowear

Ever wish mens' clothing would ever catch up with technology? I’m not talking about apps that give you a pace count, either.

For example, why do belts still have holes?

If you're thinking they shouldn't check out this micro-adjusting belt by Anson

Gone are those embarrassing hole marks, like the ones branded on your belt when you lose weight. Plus with this modern belt you get the perfect fit every time.

With the Anson Belt, you get 30+ sizing options since it's notches are ¼ inch apart. The belt also uses a simple ratcheting system, instead of 5 punched holes. This leaves with you with a trendy modern look and precise attractive fit. 

Hey, ever button up your favorite shirt only to realize the collar has one tip folded up?

No problem, check out Collar Perfect...

This is a "must-have" when you need to tame a wrinkled collar or quick press your best shirt right before a crucial job interview or important date.

Here’s how it works:

With this fancy little pocket iron, you’ll never have to be that guy who looks like he slept in his clothes. Or worry about how to look presentable after an exciting and unexpected night at your girlfriend's house.

You can thank me later for showing you this handy little gadget. 

The last item on the list is something I can't figure out why they didn't invent sooner. If you've ever worn a tie you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

To keep you tie from flopping into your soup until know the only options have been s dorky looking clip you'd see your grandpa wear or a tack that required you to forcefully puncture your investment. 

If you're like me, you absolutely HATE to stab a hole in $40 tie. That should be against the law. 

This next gadget resolves all of that plus it looks adds just the right touch to your look.

Try to convince me this is not GENIUS! Look for yourself...

Here's where you can learn more... TieMags.com

Kinda doesn’t make sense to ruin a brand new silk tie anymore does it?

I LOVE these little inventions that make life a little better and that make you feel more like a well-dress man. 

In fact, I think I'm going to pick up a couple of those ratcheting belts right now. I think I'll stick with black and brown. That should match just about everything a have in my closet. And if it doesn't I probably shouldn't even wear it. 

If you do pick up one of these gadgets leave us a comment below.