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Techwear Brands You Should Know

Techwear Brands to Know

Techwear blends high-quality design with the latest in modern clothing technology to create a modern outfit with excellent function for urban and outdoor lifestyles. Its unique aesthetics have taken the world by storm, with dozens of competing companies vying to be the top techwear brand. We’ll take you through some of the best techwear brands …

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Chuck Bass - Master of Elegant Masculinity

Understanding Masculine Style

Elegant, Masculine, Style. A concept that seems to be fading fast in today’s, dare we say, lazy, men’s style trends. What exactly does it mean to be both masculine and stylish? Can these two concepts coincide in men’s fashion? Bust out your coolest suit and practice your most debonair stare, because for this topic we’ll …

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Defining the male aesthetics

How to Find Your Style

“To each his own!” You probably heard this saying a few times in the context of men’s fashion. Every man wants to feel confident that they’re looking their best, but most guys are frustrated and confused when it comes to their image. Men’s style is a vast subject and can be difficult to approach. You …

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Complete Guide to Stylish Men's Sandals

Our Favorite Sandals For Men

If the idea of wearing men’s sandals, often referred to as “mandals,” gives you pause, it’s time to reconsider. Sandals have been a staple of men’s footwear for centuries and are one of the many types of men’s shoes. Although less common in the US, European men already know how to take their summer look to …

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