Our Products

Our blog provides some of the best content you’ll find anywhere. However when it comes to fashion most guys prefer having a full, comprehensive  manual they can refer to over and over again.

That’s why we’ve created several products for various types of guys, based on where you’re starting and what you’re trying to achieve.

Take a second to read through the following descriptions and see which fits you best.

The Kinowear Bible

The Kinowear Bible is the best starting option for most guys. You’ll get a unique perspective into how to dress properly for more confidence, an easier time attracting attention from girls, being able to command attention from anyone, and how to become more successful in your career.

book cover of the kinowear program video course

The Kinowear Video Course

The video course takes you to the next level with in-depth, HD videos so you can get gain a crystal-clear understanding of how to create your own unique, customized fashion style. It’s for guys who want to be on their A-game at all times, whether that’s at a bar… party… or business conference.

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