Style Inspiration

Kinowear Lookbook: #5

This guy comes off extremely confident. It’s obvious that he isn’t afraid to be bold with his style, but at the same time, knows how to keep it refreshingly clean and simple.

Kinowear Lookbook: #4

I love everything about this look. It’s great for those looking for something refined and classy, but perfectly fitting as a casual everyday outfit.

Kinowear Lookbook: #3

The always stylish David Beckham conveys a look here that is both refined and rugged, keeping it classically masculine, while showing off his fashion prowess with his treatment of the details.

Kinowear Lookbook: #2

This guy looks like a modern day James Dean. His look is laid-back and masculine, with an eye-catching touch of rebellion against the status quo.

Kinowear Lookbook: #1

What I love about this look is that it’s something very practical that any guy could feel confident wearing. It’s perfectly balanced in both dressy and casual pieces, making it adaptable to any occasion (e.g., a casual business lunch, or a hot date).

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