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Chuck Bass - Master of Elegant Masculinity

Understanding Masculine Style

Elegant, Masculine, Style. A concept that seems to be fading fast in today’s, dare we say, lazy, men’s style trends. What exactly does it mean to be both masculine and stylish? Can these two concepts coincide in men’s fashion? Bust out your coolest suit and practice your most debonair stare, because for this topic we’ll …

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Minimalist Fashion

Minimalist Fashion for Men

Minimalist fashion focuses on simple outfits with a neutral color palette. This is a great style for anyone trying to improve their style but doesn’t know where to start. Due to it’s simplicity, all of the pieces you would buy for a minimalist wardrobe can be worked into many future outfits you create that might fit into other fashion sub-genres.

Winter Boots For Men

Winter Boots For Men

How To Choose The Best Men’s Winter Boots With the seasons starting to change, so do the trends. Some days are warmer than others, yet there’s often still a chill in the air. So the burning question remains, what to wear during the transition?! It’s tough enough to put together the right look for you …

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Workwear: a trip to Japan

Note by Benoît: I asked Milone from our French forum, specialist in workwear, to write a series of articles on Japanese, European and North American workwear for us. The least that can be said is that he really took the task seriously and sent me a passionate article on Japanese workwear. Don’t hesitate to thank …

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