Kinowear Lookbook: #1

Weekly style inspiration posts!

A lot of guys loved the last style inspiration article, so we decided to do a continuing series of these.  Since one of the most effective ways to develop your style is to model the best, the Kinowear team will work to bring you some of the most stylish (and practical) looks from around the web (and the streets).

We’ll also take it a step further by breaking down the look and analyzing the message it conveys. This way, if you think it vibes with your personality, you can easily take it, revise it, and make it your own.

Alright, let’s get to it.

Look #1

This is a practical, yet head-turning look that you can easily put together to stand out in any casual setting:

Here’s what you’ll need to replicate this look:

1. Well-fitting navy dress blazer

2. Brown t-shirt

3. Light blue distressed jeans

4. Black and white plaid scarf

5. Black brief bag

6. Aviator Sunglasses

Additional pieces:

7. White pocket square

8. Brown Chelsea boots

First impression: 

This guy is making big moves. Perhaps he’s returning from a commercial shoot, heading to meet his gorgeous girlfriend for an early dinner date.

The breakdown: 

What I love about this look is that it’s something very practical that any guy could feel confident wearing. It’s perfectly balanced in both dressy and casual pieces, making it adaptable to any occasion (e.g., a casual business lunch, or a hot date).

The navy dress blazer is the most commanding piece of this outfit. Its tailored fit carries with it the presence of a successful man, and the pocket square is an elegant touch of extra poise —  something that only a polished man would wear.

The brown t-shirt complements the model’s hair color and lets the blazer shine against the muted backdrop. This balances out his look to give him a less formal feel and reveals his laid-back side.

His light blue distressed jeans confirm this care-free attitude, and the weathered signs seem to speak of a man who doesn’t care to get roughed up at times. This casually loaded piece blends very well with his dressy blazer. The blazer displays his high stature, while his jeans are humbling.

The fact that his black and white plaid scarf is neutral in color prevents it from clashing with any part of the outfit, but complements it with its eye-catching pattern.

The aviator sunglasses give power to his face and draws intrigue from onlookers.

The black brief bag makes him look like he’s got business to attend to but wherever he’s going it’s not a long stay. The way he carries his bag instead of strapping over his shoulder means where he’s going is close, and not a long trip.

Extra Tips:

The picture doesn’t show a pair of shoes, but if you were to replicate this look I recommend wearing a pair of brown Chelsea boots to match the color of the t-shirt and to really complete the outfit. Chelsea boots are great because it can be worn to the office and cross over into any casual setting. Plus it just looks damn cool. You could wear a stylish pair of sneakers with this outfit, but a blazer always looks more coherent with dressier shoes.

Also, most guys can’t imagine wearing a pocket square, but it’s a great way to set yourself apart from all the other men wearing blazers out there. Try it one day — It’ll boost your confidence and get noticed.

Hopefully this look has been both informative and inspirational! Your opinion will matter in whether we’ll keep these articles up so please share your thoughts in the comments!


  • Replay says:

    Posting these twice a week is a great idea. With the individual pieces linked like that its an idiot-proof walkthrough to a good looking outfit.

    If you put them up twice a week I think it would be a perfect way to go beyond showing us staples of men’s fashion.

    We can stay on the cutting edge of what’s trendy.

  • Alex says:

    Man!!! Of course I would like it!! This was like the missing piece of the puzzle, putting it all together. I hope you post more like articles like this. Congratulations for your website and thank you for all the info!

  • tim says:

    this post is great ! i’ve tried this look but never tried it with a scarf. what would you recommend for an overcoat?

  • Stan says:

    Great post, especialy as the weather is getting cooler. Using it tonight.

  • Chris says:

    wasn’t a fan of this look but i’m really glad you guys r doing this now

  • TSJ says:

    This is pretty cool. Few sites bother to analyze a look with this much detail to examine why it really works, and what message it conveys. Keep it up!

  • surreality says:

    Any chance that there will be a place in the forums where the users can contribute to the next “look”?

  • Jan says:

    love the look, i got almost every
    piece in my closet and never thought
    about such a combination.
    hope you keep going to post new
    styles every now and then.

  • Joseph says:

    Wow, thanks!! You basically just answered my concern from the previous article about places to buy these clothes.

  • Kris says:

    I’d love to read this sort of article twice a week. Thanks!

  • JAKE from Hong Kong says:

    This is very nice and balanced.
    I think a pair of white converse can replace the brown boot for a younger look.

  • Jens says:

    Great post! Love the idea with a total outfit.
    I am surely going to try this out. Just need some shopping done..

  • Nikola says:

    I love this! It’s so informative and practical!

    Plus, this is somthing I’d wear in a heartbeat – not too fancy or too extravagant, but nice and practical.

  • min says:

    i love both the concept and this particular look.

  • min says:

    oh by the way, what shoes should you wear with this outfit?

  • Bryan says:

    Haha. That “model” is Patriots quarterback Tom Brady! Anyway, great post. And yes, keep the Weekly Inspirations coming!

  • Goddy says:

    I like the idea! 🙂 Nice outfit, thanks for splitting it down for us!

  • Matthias says:

    I love how you take a complete outfit apart and comment on each individual item!
    Really great!!!
    Hope there’s more like this to come

  • Dave says:

    Love it! Keep these coming. great job linking up each item. Its too bad the scarf is sold out :(. As many said before this would be great to have weekly for fresh outfit ideas. Ill be rocking somthing like this tonight!

  • DB says:

    This is the best kind of help I need in finding my style and putting together outfits. It would be great if could post more outfits in other styles, beyond the typical New York City urban-yuppie style. Not that there is anything wrong with it–there is just more to expression in clothes than this!

  • Diaz says:

    Great article once again, keep up the good work!

  • Ben Dash says:

    Thank you for this, this is something I’ve been looking for, great outfits explained in detail! 🙂

    I love this website, and I think the best we can do to express our thanks is

    a, to say Thank You for all your hard work (obviously)

    b, to go out and be a stylish m*therf*cker! 🙂

  • Mathieu says:

    Thanks a lot, great article. Most people (like me) just need to understand how pieces fit together, and this does it perfectly

  • Ricardo says:

    Keep this posts coming!

  • Adeel Lone says:

    Great idea to post these twice.

    But it’s a bit cold to be wearing just a blazer and a brown tee at the moment, haha. Any chance you can do the same but with winter clothes?

  • Chris says:

    great article. would love to see these more frequently

  • Leon says:

    Not too many people watch football around here huh. Anyways great look

  • Robert says:

    This is an excellent idea for a series, because it adds something to the site that was somewhat missing (i.e. complete outfits.) I just purchased a blazer like this one last week and I especially enjoy seeing new ways to wear items that I already own.

    The one thing I don’t like, however, is the pocket square. It’s a little too formal for the look, imo, because this is a guy who keeps his pocket square in his back pocket. Putting it in the blazer diminishes the effect of the worn jeans. As is would suggest that he quickly traded in his suit for jeans, but forgot about the pocket square after removing his tie.

  • yoyo from Berlin city says:

    awesome article !
    keep it up.
    greetzz and a big thank u from germany 🙂

  • Tim K says:

    These break downs are great. Love it. Keep them coming!

  • Marko says:

    post twice, please!

  • AlphaWolf says:

    wow, great stuff – additional advice on stores where we can get these items would help a lot

  • Ian says:

    What style would you recommend for the folding of the pocket square?

  • morten says:

    i love this look.
    please keep up these articles.

  • Brent says:

    love it. I think Id wear it.

  • tim says:

    I really enjoy the lookbook articles. It’s nice to see information such as these, which focus on men’s issues. Thanks

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