Lookbook: Camo Casual Style

 What you’ll need to put together a similar look:

 1. White Slub Knit T-Shirt

2. Denim Waistcoat

3. Green Twill-Canvas Pleat Front Trousers

4. Black Studded belt

5. Camouflage Slip On Shoes


Need a summer outfit idea?

If you like the idea of “effortless style,” then you may love this look.

The secret to style here is in the details – making it a perfect combination for a casual day out.

Take a look at the texture of the white slub knit t-shirt, the acid wash on the denim waist coat with copper buttons, the front pocket lines on the trousers; all of them blend together for a rugged laid-back flair that is sure to be noticed.

As a finale note, the camouflage (a recently popular trend) pattern shoes and army inspired colors will make your outfit stand out – while still maintaining that “effortless” vibe.

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