How to Fold a Pocket Square Like Don Draper From Mad Men

Learn how to fold a pocket square like Don Draper from the hit television show Mad Men: 

  • Scott says:

    Takes a bit of a toll the functionality of the hanky, doesn’t it? Form follows function.

  • Joel says:

    I love pocket squares, very useful tip

  • Ricky says:

    I really love these kind of posts/videos. It’s all in the details and a simple hankerchief/pocket square makes a huge difference in your appearance (especially in an office where everybody weares a plain suit).

  • Panas says:

    A white pocket square changes completly the way you look. it is so more stylish. Now i have linen and cotton ones. Hard to get top quality pochettes though, most are in China even for some Italian brands. I got one from the German shop Jondral ( ) and ordered a realy nice hand embroided one from the Greek maker KYDOS ( ). Any other suggestions are welcomed

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