5 Tips On How to Find the Right Hairstyle

Poor Sanjaya never got to read this article before he went up on stage that day.

Why Should Anyone Care About Hair?

If you’re a style savvy guy, then you already know that just taking care of your clothes and shoes aren’t going to cut it.

A lot of guys forget about the stuff that’s on top of their head. Or for some, the stuff that’s starting to disappear. Whichever boat you’re in, remember that how it looks matters!

In high school I used to just throw on a hat everyday and feel that I was well on my way – I didn’t even care.

I have since learned that hair can be considered the main component in the completion of our look. I mean have you ever seen someone who got a totally new haircut, and it seemed to completely change their look?

Compare the difference on Edward Norton:

Deciding which hairstyle to take on is a difficult decision, since it can completely alter one’s appearance, for better or for worse.

So YEAH it matters. Some people I know go as far as to say “Your hair is everything!”

After seeing that a lot of guys seem to be wanting advice on hairstyles, it’s also clear that most guys don’t know where to start.

I am no hair professional, but as an image consultant my desire is to always create connections with great hair stylists in as many areas as possible, to refer to my clients. I wish I could work with all of you individually, but that’s not possible at the moment, so with the help of some experts out there I have put together an article that will help you guys be well on your way to cultivating your pimp hairstyle.

Because everyone is so different in their hair color, texture, and thickness, I’ll write an article that can be helpful to everyone.

Here are 5 tips to help anybody enhance their current hairstyle, including those looking for a transformation in hair:

1. Determine What You’re Working With

Lots of guys just try to find out what’s popular and in-style. That’s great, but there’s no guarantee that copying the latest celebrity heartthrob’s hairstyle will have girls swooning.

So what does that mean for you?

It means that it all depends on your head shape, hair texture and facial features; it’s therefore important to get the haircut and style that’s specifically suited to you.

Even though you may really want a specific hairstyle, sometimes you have to accept that it won’t work for you due to your hair texture or head shape.

I see a lot of guys who fall into “the grass is greener on the other side” trap. Guys with curly hair who are dying to have straight hair, and vice versa. Many women fall into this trap too. We always want what we don’t have.

Well I say stop wasting your time.

Unless you don’t mind wearing a wig, be grateful for what you were blessed with and make it look the best that you can.

I stopped comparing myself to the models a long time ago; why would i want to be like them? I want to be me and have everyone love me for who I already am, not who I want to be like. Every detail of you is all part of who you are, it’s what makes you unique!

The main reason why people are jealous of their friends who are born with a different texture of hair is because it seems that they can create a whole bunch of exciting hairstyles that they don’t get to.

What most people don’t acknowledge, is that it’s really because it just looks GOOD the way that person styled it!

If you have curly hair and your friend has straight hair, are you still going to want his hairstyle if it makes him look like an idiot all the time? You really want his hair because you think it looks more “attractive” or “a lot cooler than what I have to deal with“.

The key is to first accept what you have to work with and then create the best look you can.

This is what other people will notice instead of what “kind” of hair you have. So stop the complaining and start loving yourself, instead of giving yourself more limitations than the world already tries to force on you.

2. What Kind of Hairstyle Do You Want?

After you’ve determined what you are working with and what your limits are, decide what changes you’d like to make that will make you feel more confident about your hair.

A great way to get some ideas is to ask your family and friends. Ask them if your current style suits you the best, and if any, what changes could you make for it to look even better. If they suggest a change, ask them for some recommendations on what would look more attractive.

It’s funny how some friends will instantly jump at this chance to tell you things that they have been dying to…

Some of the feedback you get will be great, but be careful, because some times the suggestions won’t suit you. This is because most people give you suggestions of hairstyles they’ve seen look great on OTHER people, not yet on YOU.

People can’t quite picture new hairstyles on you – mainly because they associate your face with a certain hairstyle they’ve gotten used to.

So make sure to ask them why they think their suggestion would look good on you, and who they might have seen it on for comparison.

Another great resource is the internet. Search online for pictures of celebrity hairstyles and look through them until certain hairstyles catch your eye.

I say celebrity because they are so many pictures of each celebrity to look through. It’s also fun to see how different hairstyles change a person’s image.

Find a celebrity that has similar facial structure and features to yours – one that you can best identify with. Try to match the hair color and texture as close as you can. If it’s not happening, look for a celebrity with similar hair texture, as this is the most important in what hairstyles you can actually create.

I know most guys that worry about their hair have “unwanted, unmanageable” curly hair:

Well check out different pictures of Heath Ledger and see what he does with his hair:

Remember that straight hair is not the standard of beauty. There are ways to make that kind of hair look great and healthy. The key is looking healthy.

I have curly hair so maybe I’m biased, but I really believe it doesn’t matter, it’s how to make it work for you. Instead of trying fight it, embrace it.

Guys like Heath Ledger embrace their hair, and girls love them!

There are so many celebrities with curly hair that still look very attractive. They make it work very well.

For some of you guys struggling with your African American type hair, check out how Denzel Washington styles his:

or Lenny Kravitz

If you are balding, or have receding hair line check out what celebrities like Kevin Spacey or Daniel Craig do. Shaving your head might also be a good option depending on your head shape. There was a poll taken of women that said that a shaved head can be sexy.

There are plenty of pictures out there where you can identify with and get an idea for what might best work for you. Go search!

(There are links at the bottom to where you can look through hundreds of pictures of men’s hairstyles)

3. Get Help From the Experts

If you are reading this and haven’t done much for your style lately, then you need to treat yourself.

I say get out of the house this instant and go for it. If one of your goals is to be more attractive and feel more confident around women then this is something that you can do easily.

After deciding on a hairstyle, go to a salon with printed pictures of what you are looking for.

You don’t even have to get a haircut, just ask for feedback if this kind of cut is possible with your hair. Give them a brief synopsis of what you want and ask them for some suggestions.

They will give you great feedback.

4. Take a Risk and Try It Out

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”— T.S. Eliot

After thorough research, you might now want to actually get a haircut instead of dreaming about it.

Treat yourself this time, and instead of going to “Joe’s Barber” – who probably only knows how to do classic cuts – go to a hair salon and see a hair stylist who knows what he/she is doing. I like to get my hair cut by the metro sexual guy who knows men’s hair like it’s his calling from heaven.

If you feel gay going into a salon, suck it up.

If you are someone who is strapped for cash, and would rather get a haircut at “Joe’s” for 10 dollars, well what I recommend is that you go to a salon or a hair stylist ONCE, and then after they give you your new style you can go to a cheaper place to just maintain it.

5. Get feedback and keep trying

After you get your new “doo”, get feedback from all your friends and family. Tell them to be honest and have them compare it with your previous style.

Every time I have done this I have gotten great feedback on whether I should keep the new style, how I can alter it a little bit to make it better, or how to enhance it with certain products (gel, wax, etc.) Through this process you’ll learn to master the best ways to make your hair look great.

Take these steps and you’re well on your way to getting that pimp hairstyle you want!

Some links to help:

Check out hundreds of different hairstyles here!


Try this site if you’d like to see exactly how that hairstyle you want would look on a real picture of you.

Before you click:

You could look through the demos or register to view thousands of different hairstyles on your own face.

I couldn’t find a free virtual one that was any good so you do have to pay to register.

It costs only about as much as a real haircut, so it could be worth the trouble of having to wait for your hair to grow out after a bad haircut – if you’re serious about getting a lasting change of look.

I have no affiliation with these websites whatsoever, just passing along what I found when searching online:


You can also print it out and bring it to a stylist to get the exact cut and style that you want, which is awesome.

For frustrated curly haired guys:

Celebrities with curly hair http://mensfashion.about.com/od/celebritystyle/ss/CurlyHair.htm

Maintaining Curly Hair: http://www.askmen.com/fashion/fashiontip_150/196_fashion_advice.html

It’s amazing what technology and science has brought us today in hair products, so there are lot of things that can be done now if you really want it.

For example, if you have wavy hair you can get a thermal conditioning or a reverse-perm a.k.a. “magic straightening” as most people call it.

My sister does it all the time, because she has wavy hair. She comes out of the salon looking like a Pantene Pro-V hair model.

See what it looks link:

(I would only recommend this on guys with long hair because it costs a lot of money and it’s not worth doing it on short hair, unless you really want to experience what it’s like to have straight hair once in your life)

It’s most women who do it, because most of them have long hair. Don’t let this stop you though, if you have long hair it’ll feel amazing afterwards.

For an article on Face Shapes and Hair: http://mensfashion.about.com/od/celebritystyle/ss/CurlyHair.htm

Random Tip: For you guys who worry about your long or short face…

Longer sideburns can actually make your face look more narrow, while sideburns that are shorter than mid-ear length can have the opposite effect.

Well hope that helps guys.

Until next time,


P.S. Want to see one Kinowear reader’s style transformation? For those who are interested, I’m offering 1-on-1 consultations in New York City for April & May 2008. For details, check out this page.

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