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Kinowear’s Christmas wish list – The WTF post

At Kinowear, we have several rituals : the article with a review of the year, the pastis on a Friday night and, especially, the Christmas list ! In case you’re lacking inspiration for your letter to Santa, here are a few ideas to help you out… Geoffrey’s list Everything’s on the up because I’ve received my Pantone […]

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The progress of a reader who is a lot like you

Disclaimer – in this article, I present you with the testimony of Fabrice. A reader of the blog for a long time now, Fabrice has become a friend of the team over the years. His progression is enormous, as can be seen in the photos that you’ll find in his article. This article has not […]

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How Thailand fucked up my style

I knew this was going to happen… I’ve got an important meeting and I’m not at all dressed for it. And you can tell. Me, the one who, a long time ago, set the example in terms of style for those around me, to the point that it made me a bit arrogant…now I’m 6 […]

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