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Hi guys,

This post is unusual…

No, actually it’s much more than that.

This post is a really unique one for several reasons.

First of all, (and this is a Warning), the article won’t be available on the blog after November 29th (when subscriptions for the Kinowear Program close).

Because, that’s right, what you’re about to see is the FULL module of the Kinowear Program about Basics.

You’re in the right place at the right time.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity – make the most of it before it’s too late. 

Let me guide you through the typical module of the Kinowear Program…

1. Educational Video

2. Resources

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  • GLR

    Thank you so much for making this available! This should be a great start in figuring out what I need in order to get more wear out of everything I own and make more outfit without stuffing my closet.

    I’m currently in need of basic tees and also to replace some tired-looking favorites. I’m not pround to say I still wear a favorite sweater that has a hole on it (I hide it)

    Although I like owning little clothes my trouble seems to be from having too little items. I have only 6 sweaters: 2 thin, 2 medium, 2 chunky. I think “6 sweaters is plenty” but then I make an outfit and realise I wore it last week already, and the week before too… I’m finally realizing I went too far in my wardrobe reducing efforts and need to rebuild. My current wardrobe has:

    – 2 very fancy/formal outfits
    – 1 semi-formal
    – 1 winter sheath (gray)
    – 4 summer sheaths
    – 3 colored chinos (only red ones fit)
    – black pants
    – 3 jeans (light, medium, dark)
    – 1 gingham, 3 white shirts
    – 3 patterned “fancy” shirts
    – 6 light jackets (3 blazers, denim, leather, raincoat)
    – 3 winter coats
    – 2 vests
    – multiple graphic tees and polos
    – 6 sweaters
    – 4 cardigans (2 thin, 2 thick)

    I guess being able to list my wardrobe at a drop of a hat isn’t all that good… Is there something key I’m missing or should I just get more of the things I like?

    I’ll study this material and hope it’ll guide me in buying the least amount possible of things I need and that will express my personal style in the best way possible. Right now I’ll be looking for a new solid shirt (chambray maybe) and multiple solid tees for layering. I’m pretty sure that’s not all I need but it’s what I got on my list so far

  • Hi Gabi,

    Well, in my opinion, you’ve got quite a lot pieces in your closet.

    It’s not a big deal to wear a few times in a row the same outfit. But I see what you are trying to achieve.

    If you don’t manage to pull off as much outfits as you want there are probably some pieces you don’t wear anymore. Instead of simply buying more of the same, you should really focus on making a good triage. See this post : http://www.kinowear.com/7-hacks-for-organizing-your-wardrobe


  • GLR

    Thank you! As it turns out, a lot (half?) of those are statement pieces that don’t go well with each other.

    While I don’t think I can pare it down much further, a couple of more interesting basics could help. I only have statement pieces and very basic basics, if you know what I mean