Kinowear Lookbook: #7

What you’ll need to replicate this look:

1. Black Double breasted pea coat

2. Black pullover sweater

3. White dress shirt

4. Gray wool pants

5. Black slim tie

6. Black Slip-on dress shoes

7. Black Aviator Sunglasses








First impression:

This guy exudes the confidence of a successful professional while looking nothing like the typical office man.


I love this look because it’s something I would wear any day of the week. Minus a few small details, everything is classic menswear, and you can never go wrong with that.

A tie outside of the office? Yes, you can wear a tie outside of work. But feeling comfortable in one is an acquired taste. I love wearing a tie because it’s both classy and fashionable, and confidence comes built in. But keep the fat tie for the office and opt for a slim one instead.

I love the black buttoned pull-over sweater because it gives you the option to maintain the classic v-neck sweater look while adding some subtle but noteworthy flair to your outfit.

This look displays how a few small accessories can alter the impression of an entire look. Sometimes the shirt and tie combo can get you mixed into the bland working professional crowd, but even something small like sunglasses can alter the whole impression that you make.

This particular fashionable pair of shades shifts a normal working professional look to something you may see on the runway. And the earrings and the black ring on his finger carry attitude.

As for the shoes, I would go for something without laces to dress it down a bit, while still maintaining the overall classic yet fashionable look.

Every man should have timeless pieces in his closet. This is the secret to getting the most out of your wardrobe. Once you have the classic and timeless pieces, you can start to mix in your own personal flair as it evolves with your favorite pair of jeans, sneakers, accessories, etc.

Tip: For those of you with blonde/brown hair, I recommend wearing a gray sweater instead, a navy blue tie, and a navy blue coat.

That’s it for look #7! Please share your rating and comments below!


  • RenovaT says:

    Hi Jae!

    I do like your looks very much, but couldn’t you please mix more colours?
    I understand that black and white – are classic colours, but still, would be nice to see something unusual.


  • Susan Caverta says:

    Did you know your posts show up in Google News search?

  • happy2009 says:

    awesome post! cheers Jae!

  • Jason says:

    Love your articles, but lately all the outfits have looked VERY expensive. Can you do an article on second hand shopping and cheap clothes that are still stylish.

  • Yavor says:

    This is the second time you mention those gray wool pants. I guess they are kinds a classic item.

  • Thomas says:

    Hey Jae, nice look again but i prefer the casual, cool and younger looks over these ones. Would like to see a little bit more variety

  • William says:

    Thanks. These are great. Very helpful, and most of all AFFORDABLE AND EASY.

    Just wanted to ask though – will you have any warm weather looks? Something that can amplify a t-shirt and jeans. So far all the Lookbooks are to heavy to pull of in Spring or Summer.

  • Bee says:

    Great ideas, keep it coming! Seems like you have a pretty dedicated following here (myself included!) Any plans on possibly organizing a “Meet the Guys Behind Kinowear” meeting/Q&A anytime soon?

  • Phazer says:

    Thanks for these, keep them up. You guys seem to really be inspired by for all the looks. Maybe in the future try to mix it up with the sources for inspiration!

  • tim says:

    I relly like this look. It’s a great balance between professional and stylish. It would serve any number of occassions.

  • Milo says:

    I just realized…the looks with mainly black and white are always with Asian models. Works well for me b/c I’m asian and got a lot of black/white/gray colors =)

  • ulises says:

    looks really good, tough i notice that the outfits from which it borrowed items look already good.
    Nice one!

  • Tavis says:

    This is my favourite look, because it’s what defines my own wardrobe. It’s total NYC and never gets old.

  • Shiro says:

    This one is so badaass.

  • Daniel.S says:

    Those pants are hard to find. 🙁

  • Erwin says:

    Cool outfit!!!

  • Michael says:

    Classic. I have a pair of tailor-fit prada wool pants and it is the most comfortable thing to wear.

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