4 Looks You Can Try This Season

I’ve decided that this will be the last style inspiration article for awhile. There are many other topics I think everyone will enjoy even more.

But no worries, in this month’s edition I’m going to give lots more details on how to put together some highly attractive outfits.

Let’s do this.

Modeling off Those Who Catch Our Attention

I’m very analytical, and when I see a guy with a uniquely attractive fashion sense, I try to learn from him — by breaking his image down to the details. Often times, I get many new styling ideas I can pass on to my clients during a consultation.

Whenever you see a guy who makes a positive impression on you, make an effort to pinpoint what exactly causes this. Is it the way he dresses? If so, what about his outfit stands out to you? Certain pieces? How he put it together?

Modeling off other stylish people is something you should do constantly to get ideas for your own style. When you see something that works for someone else, try it yourself! Then make adjustments to your own liking.

So here are 4 different outfits – each a different style – that you can model after:

1. “Metro Chic”

Grab yourself a tweed blazer this season instead of your typical dress blazer. Tweed is a great fabric for a relaxed style that is still classy.

So here’s what you need for this great casual outfit:

1. A gray tweed blazer

2. A gray long-sleeve shirt

3. White jeans

4. Pair of white Chuck Taylors

This is a totally balanced outfit.  The blazer is a classy element. The long-sleeve shirt is meant to be understated as to make way for what’s next – the white pants. Wait a minute, white pants after Labor Day? Gasp*

Who made up that stupid rule anyway? To me there is just no logically sound reason why you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day. Even in the winter, it just goes so well with the season. Fashion is changing it’s position on it anyway, where most people who do wear white after Labor Day are seen as bold and daring.

The white pants are what really make this outfit great because it stands out on it’s own. And the converse shoes, well, they’re a staple that go with almost everything – it does nothing but add style to any outfit.

Extra tips

If you want to add something more elegant to the outfit, try a turtle neck:

And if there’s snow outside, try a pair of boots like these:

Which you could tuck your jeans into and wear with the laces loose and untied. Yes, this is purposeful.

Not your flavor? How about something more smart?

2. “Sophisticated and Class”

So here’s what you need for this classy outfit:

1. Light blue dress shirt

2. Patterned sweater vest

3. Tweed blazer

4. Solid dark blue jeans

5. Skinny rep tie

6. Colored Scarf

7. Newsboy Cap

8. Slim dress shoes

If you want something more sophisticated – yet still turn heads – grab a collared shirt and a skinny tie. Then look for a sweater vest; but instead of looking for a boring one that will make you look like a math teacher, switch it out for an eye-catching plaid one.

Keep it dressy with a dark pair of jeans with a clean wash, and a pair of slim dress shoes.

For some noticeable finishing touches, find yourself a newsboy cap and a colored scarf to accentuate the outfit. Perhaps something to match the colors of your alma matar for that “smart” university look.

If you want to rough it up a bit and make it more relaxed, loosen the skinny tie, don’t wear a belt, and leave your shirt untucked. Done.

Extra Tip

If you don’t like the blazer, switch it for something like this fleece-lined corduroy jacket. A more casual version of the smart look.

If you like that one, awesome. If not, how about this?

3. “Laid Back Rebel”

This outfit is very simple but carries some rugged edge.

So here’s what you need for this great casual outfit:

1. Leather jacket

2. Bright colored shirt

3. Light wash jeans

4. Leather belt

5. Leather boots

Seasonal depression is the leading cause of people steering away from colors during the winter. Avoid getting labeled as a victim and show that you’re still full of life with some strong color.

Try a cobalt blue shirt with a very light pair of blue jeans for contrast. Throw on a black leather jacket with a euro collar, to turn the rebel in you up a notch, and grab a casual leather belt to match. Then, a pair of motorcycle boots will complete this call upon the spirit of James Dean.

Extra Tips

Add a knit scarf to this outfit on colder days:

Or switch the dress shirt for a white t-shirt and black hoodie like this (cool guy shades optional):

Or maybe this is more your style…

4. “Indie Military”

What you’ll need:

1. Military style jacket

2. Khaki dress shirt

3. Dark slim jeans

4. Black jack purcells

5. Beanie

6. Wallet chain

7. Aviator shades

If you’re a lover of women with indie style, then they’ll love it on you. If you’re looking for an updated look, try this one.

Instead of going for something bright and bold, go for something warm and subdued like a khaki shirt, and a chocolate brown jacket. Make it a military style jacket and it’ll give you an ex-soldier’s aura.

Add a touch of luxury with a solid pair of dark blue jeans (I really suggest slim jeans for this look but go with what is comfortable for you). Then add some head-turning flair with an accessory like a wallet chain. Get some aviator shades and beanie to battle the cold weather, and a pair of black Jack Purcells to complete the outfit.

Which one of these looks is your favorite? Share with us in the comments.

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  • Glowing Face Man says:

    Great styles, thanks very much, I love the laid back rebel!

  • Stan says:

    Great post, probably one the past in recent time and the choice of pictures to support the material is priceless. As usual, another easily absorbed and understood piece of fashion advice. Well done.

  • Paul says:

    Great tips and the way they’re presented, but would you have any other ‘looks’ that would be similiar to an older guy in his 30’s ? Like Brad Pitt!! Or maybe he wears similiar outfits-I don’t keep track of his casual wardrobe but you get my drift!

  • Paul says:

    On second thoughts I suppose the 2nd look on the above list would answer my first comment!!

  • GrrrJohnny says:

    Love this. Practical and easy to follow, yet it feels fresh.

  • Yavor says:

    Those posts keep getting better and better. Great job, Jae!

  • Bram says:

    I like the sophisticated most. It’s time for me to buy a newsboy cap, really like them.

  • Tito says:

    I love the “Indie Military” style. Especially the pants.

  • JoAss says:

    Very Nice, Always enjoy your posts and this is very practical! Thanks Again Jae!

  • Serge says:

    I really love the indie look but I’m not so sure about the beanie. Too many people have been wearing that lately.

    I’ve always liked rocking the metro chic style but some times I find it hard wearing a pair of white jeans in winter mostly because my winter jackets are really dark. Any suggestions for a jacket to wear with those jeans? Winter here can be really cold

  • Diaz says:

    Great stuff!
    Really love the use of images to give a better picture of the styles and the writted breakdown of the outfits!

  • Uwe says:

    I like how you made the effort to put all this togehter. These are great inspirations. Thanks a lot!

  • I love all four styles but specifically the sophisticated classy look. The best part about all these styles is that you could buy everything from H&M or Forever21 and no one would tell the difference.

  • Derek says:

    YAY another fashion article! I love these! Keep them coming.

  • emily says:

    these are all so hot! i would love it if the guys i knew dressed like this. mistletoe! :]

  • skyler says:

    What gives you a positive impression of someone based on their sense of fashion, is their SPECIFIC style, theirs, and only theirs, not their fashion, playing off key points of both their personality and anatomy. People who copy other’s style choices tend to not be seen the same way as the people they’re copying. The individuality aspect plays a key role.

    Develop your own style, that suits you. Don’t just copy people, or everyone’ll think you’re a tool. Don’t believe me? Go to high school for a month. Everyone hates the sheep.

  • Anthony says:

    Great article but what brands offer these types of clothes or what stores can i find them in?

  • JC says:

    Good post and good forethought. I like how you combine the look with the exact details of the pieces needed.

    Next step, ditch the tardo-wear for something that non-wanna-be’s might wear.

  • Dipp says:

    Top notch post!

    I love that you give ideas about the whole look, many pictures in fashion magazines just takes out the part they want to sell, often exluding the shoes/boots.

  • Jay says:

    Are there any websites for men that are dedicated to “outfit breakdowns” like this? I find it so helpful, but can’t find any websites dedicated to something this specific.

  • hot says:

    Try some layering looks for the southern regions. The places where the coldest days get no lower than 50 degrees in the morning.

    Tweed blazer and long sleeve shirt? sweating by afternoon.

  • Ryan says:

    I love your outfit breakdowns – no one else does them in such a focused, unique way

  • Chris says:

    I love the looks. My favorite is the third picture of the Laid back rebel style.
    Where could I find one of those patterned sweater vests?

  • grass says:

    love this site!!!

  • Great post! I like the laid back rebel.

  • AlexHD says:

    Fantastic article! I love how you’ve also shown how a simple modification (taking off a belt, untucking this) can change the ‘sell’ of a particular look one way or the other – more casual/formal/rebellious etc. It’s also great to see the individual elements that make up the look and what they literally add up to.

    Thank you for another informative post!

  • JK says:

    Where’s the jacket in the Indie Military picture from? Specifically the one in the picture where the guy is wearing it (not the one by itself above)

  • Itay says:

    Hey. More pics like the scarf pic in the Laid Back Rebel part. I really like this outfit.

    Any ideas on where to see more like that?

  • Amie says:

    Cool article. I’m a ladyperson, and I loved the “sophisticated and class” look, very hott!!! The “indie military” look wasn’t my favorite, it seems a little high-school-ish to me. Overall, loved the looks though, very chic. :^)

  • Aaron says:

    Think you could do more of these things? They’re really helpful!

  • Mark Taylor says:

    love fashion this is a great blog

    embroidered clothing

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