Andy Warhol: The Master of Personal Branding

Fascinating BBC Modern Masters documentary about the iconic life of Andy Warhol. Besides being known for his contribution to the pop art movement, the documentary reveals how Andy Warhol was a master at branding himself. Skip to 2:50 minutes to see how he literally transformed and maintained his own personal style to create the iconic image and persona of Andy Warhol in the eyes of the public.

“Andy Warhol needed to create a persona that people would remember…a persona that would help him promote his art and celebrity and use himself almost as a work of art. And this is how he did it…he did it with fashion. Andy Warhol was the master of the makeover. Almost overnight, he totally reinvented himself.”

Watch the entire documentary here: Part [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]

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