Kinowear Lookbook: #17

What you’ll need to put together a similar look:

1. Blue dress shirt

2. Navy blue blazer

3. Khaki pants

4. Brown buckle belt

5. Purple shoes







First Impression:

A man who isn’t afraid to take risks and shout with his fashion.


This is for those who are looking for some inspiration on how to be fashionably bold.

One of my favorite ways to be fashionably bold is through what I call “non-sequiturs” (which means “it does not follow” in Latin). The idea is to take clothes (at first thought) that should NOT work together and making it work. It takes some balls to experiment and try new things at first, but you’ll quickly find what you like and come up with some killer looks that people rarely see on others.

If you’re someone who can handle attention, then you have what it takes to pull off bold style. You may get some odd stares but you’ll also undoubtedly get admiration from those who respect bold fashion.

A very light example of wearing “non-sequiturs” is mixing formal wear with casual wear such as a blazer with a hoodie. A more advanced example of this might be something like wearing a skinny tie as a belt. However, when done right, i.e., brown skinny knit tie with khaki linen pants, it can look great.

The look above is a perfect example of this because from the top down it looks like a classic outfit, until you get to the shoes. Almost nobody would think that purple shoes would match this outfit, but the fact that the rest of the outfit is kept classic makes the shoes stand out that much more.

In a way, non-sequiturs should not be attempted if you’re just starting out and do not understand the fundamentals of style. It’s really more of an advanced concept for those who want to take some risk with their style.

When playing with non-sequiturs, you will face some resistance from people (mostly who are not fashionable at all). But you’ll also most definitely gets lots of compliments on your “creativity” or “artistry” by those who take quality care of their own image.

So this month, try a bold color in an unexpected piece of clothing like your shoes. It’s a great way to create a shockingly attractive look.

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  • stephen grall

    hi there, do you think this would go better with black shoes, perhaps?

  • great post. i’m ordering that blazer. it’s similar to one I bought then had fitted/taken in from the Gap’s bargain rack of all places. a good blazer is never to be underestimated.

  • Sarah

    wow I love this combination
    The shoes close the outfit with a big bam.
    and jacket has a great fit.
    it’s all about the fit!

  • Paul Thunder

    thats awsome, im loving these lookbooks!

  • Preetham

    Nice idea. But definitely very advanced one.

  • C.E.

    niice..never knew what non-sequiters meant..i think we should grow some balls & try some look like this!

  • Nice look! Original and timeless.

  • Wow, this is really bold! Really edgy stuff, interesting =)

  • turns out to be a great looks. me-likey!

  • that blazer is on its way to me as we speak.

  • Mark

    I love this look. Never would have previously thought about or considered purple shoes but they actuually go great!

  • Himmler

    This is the kind of style that takes a while to learn and a longer while to master. Some people are ok with wearing stuff outside the norm, some aren’t, but once you do you won’t regret it. All those people have to do is step out of their comfort zones little by little. I’d say wear a less challenging color like a luminescent blue in the same saturation as the shoes pictured.

  • Henry

    I love this series. My favorites were Lookbook 1, 4 and 6.

  • Gazman

    Skinny tie as a belt? Surely you jest!

  • @Gazman,

    We’ve seen it done out on the streets – it’s definitely different! haha.