Kinowear Lookbook: #11

What you’ll need to replicate this look: 

1. 2 button jacket w/ epaulets

2. White dress shirt

3. Fitted black jeans

4. Black skinny tie

5. Aviators

6. Black belt (studded)

7. Converse All Star Core OX








First Impression:

Confident and savvy enough to mix it up.


This look is a seamless hybrid of classic professional men’s wear, casual street pieces, and military-inspired elements.

Despite borrowing aspects from very different styles, the reason this look works so well is because it keeps to the most important principles of an attractive style.

1) Fit
2) Color
3) Proportion

In terms of fit, everything from the pants to the jacket looks tailored to the model. There are no problems with the color here, because it’s mostly black and white. However, the subtle touch of red on the shoes lighten the mood.

If fit is the way your clothing sits on your body, proportion is how it looks in relation to your body type. Proportion is what makes a short guy look taller, big guy look thinner, and so forth. Unfortunately, a lot of men neglect this.

Take the skinny tie for example. It works extremely well here to make this model’s small frame look bigger. A big fat tie would have unattractively accentuated his small/skinny frame.

The aviator sunglasses are great for guys with longer faces because it fills in their face more – making their face look more balanced.

Lastly, this look proves that a clean pair of converse all stars is one of the most effective ways to dress down a serious/professional look to casual street style.

Hope you enjoyed #11! Share your rating and comments below!


  • Scott

    Another great post! thanks!

  • Chris

    Love it, simple as.

    And it’s surprisingly cheap too, I might invest in something similar.

    These entries are pretty much eye-openers for me, thanks!

    – Chris

  • Marco

    Hmmmm love this look although it seems a bit warm….can you post a nice summer look with the next lookbook, keep up the good work.


  • Sam

    I love the jacket… In fact I’ve been looking for something similar for a while!
    The skinny tie, at least over here in England has become synonymous with ‘trendy boys’ aka “I just went in topman and bought what I was told was cool”. Way too common over here now to actaully stand out.
    The look in general is cool though. 🙂

  • Shayne

    Hey, I was wondering, if aviator glasses fit longer faces, what about the other face types? What face types suit aviator glasses, and if not, what are they best suited for?

  • Tiffany

    love the converse for the shoes. This is hot. 😉

  • Chi

    It took some time before lookbook 11 came out, but it’s worth it.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Manuva

    Great review of a fashionable look. It’s just really well put together and just inspires such confidence. The model makes this look so versatile.

  • Not sure about,

    “In terms of fit, everything from the pants to the jacket looks tailored to the model.”

    Could be the way the model is standing, but the jacket and trousers are if anything too *tight*, it looks like he’s outgrowing them, which grants a rather callow air that could be seen as a tryhard ‘trendyboy’ thing, not the desired effect at all!

    Watch out in UK, fair warning! this look has been done to death 😀 and, unless you have the gravitas to carry it off, aviators, particularly cheaper ones, can look pretentious! As they say though ‘your milage may vary’!

  • San

    Everything is great except shoes. IMO, they don’t fit nto this look.

  • Jim

    Needs color, it is Spring after all. Someone who wears too much black ‘n’ white tells me someone is either not very creative, lazy, or not confident. Also, for us gingers, such a high contrast outfit is a no-no.

    Accessories are the perfect place for a little color- add a boldly colored (or a patterned) tie in place of the black one; heck, even a red belt would make a statement.

    Also, I think the white sneakers w/ dark trousers is overplayed. It shortens you by dramatically breaking up the figure. It’s mitigated in this pic by the use of a white floor and background.

  • Justin

    I wore something very similar the other night.

    Take the skinny tie for example. It works extremely well here to make this model’s small frame look bigger. A big fat tie would have actually accentuated his small/skinny frame.

    What kind of tie do you wear for a small/WIDE frame?

    Keep em coming! : )


  • D. Rogers

    That jacket is sick. I’ve been looking for something like that.

  • Mr.I

    I thought shoes always match the belt :s. Is this an exception to the rule?

  • Jae

    Mr.I, The shoes matching the belt rule is for dress shoes/dress belts.

  • Zee

    now this is me…

  • Caspian

    I know this is from a while back,but does anyone know where to find a jacket of that type?

  • Benjamin

    I’m also looking for a jacket like this. Does anyone know it? I would be very thankfull 🙂

  • John

    Great question! I’m also looking for a jacket of that type. Does anyone know where to find it?