Cuffed Sweatpants – The Lowdown on the Hottest Men’s Look

What’s with all the hype on cuffed sweatpants?

They came out of nowhere. Through the dark of the night, they forced their way into the wardrobes of teenagers and adults alike. With their slim cut and simple structure, they quickly rose through the ranks of popular pants, even threatening to overtake the throne position of jeans. They are…cuffed sweatpants.

Known as “joggers” for those who enjoy a leisurely hop to their step when they are moving around, they are to guys what yoga pants are to girls: Clean, functional, and look amazing with anything. The two most prominent features of cuffed sweatpants are the slim cut and the cuff at the bottom of the legs. The slim cut is because of the cuffs, forcing the shape of the legs to funnel down to the bottom. Trendsetters rejoiced as the design follows the skinny revolution that is gripping the fashion world these days. Even tree trunk legs become aesthetically pleasing with a pair of cuffed sweatpants.

Navy Cuffed Sweatpants

How To Wear Them

Popularized primarily by the rap artisans of our time who don urban streetwear, cuffed sweatpants are a personal favorite of mine because the cuffs display a clean look at the bottom of the pants, a far cry from the sloppy, flared-out sweatpants of old. The funnel-like leg cut of the pants leads your eyes towards the footwear, so don’t skimp on your shoes. These are hands-down the best pair of pants you can wear to compliment a pair of sneakers. It is of utmost importance that you brink your A-game footwear whenever you wear cuffed sweatpants. Any shoes except black, or else you’ll look like you’re wearing the bottom half of a mime suit. The sneakers become the main event, so don’t you dare half ass this with a pair of sandals or your beat up Velcro shoes. Slip-ons aren’t cool either as they are just a mild upgrade from sandals. Something with laces, please, so that you can keep your dignity. We do recommend only sneakers as acceptable footwear with cuffed sweatpants. We cringe at the horrendous possibilities that other shoe combinations could form. Boots? Hell no. Oxfords? Please stop. Boat shoes? *hurk* Excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth.

Grey Tech Fleece

Who Should Wear Them

Most importantly, these pants are for all ages, so don’t be discouraged by the recent youth movement of these trousers. Just because they are relatively new does not mean previous generations cannot enjoy all that they have to offer.

Black Tech Fleece Kit with Red Shoes

Finally, we advise you ease up on the detailing on the pants, these are best worn on the conservative side. No camouflage, tiger stripes, or the like. Keep things simple with all black to allow yourself the freedom of expression with your top and your shoes. Drop crotch? Not on our watch. These pants aren’t meant to look like an adult diaper/wind sail. They are meant to be a significant addition to the fashion world’s pants wardrobe. A simple tweak was able to change sweatpants from a stay-at-home pant to a socially-renowned innovation. And they’re here to stay.

Black Tech Fleece

How Will You Wear Your Joggers?

Now that you know they exist and are all the rage, go out and grab a pair! Will you pair them with the freshest kicks on the block? How about a pair of rugged style boots? Let us know in the comments below!