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What Does A Stylish Belt Look Like?

Many men think belts are optional. If you read this site, then belts are not optional accessories. If you have any interest in style, you should believe that belts are essential. Like ties and pocket squares, belts are another small piece of an outfit that can make or break the entire look. A belt can […]

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How To Fold A Pocket Square

(scroll down for “how to” guide w/ illustrations) It’s a simple piece of cloth that can elevate your style from bland to stylish. If worn well, at the appropriate times, it will speak volumes about your fashion sense. Like the tie, it is one of those small details a man has to add accent and […]

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The World Of Denim Connoisseurs

“…they’re just jeans…” Just beyond the fashion-conscious culture of designer jeans including the likes of diesel and true religion lies a niche denim culture, and it’s respective works of arts more artistic, subtle, expensive, and obsessive than anything you’ve seen before. It’s a culture that includes terminology like “raw denim,” “organic denim,” and “selvage.” And […]

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