So much of what we communicate is non-verbal. Our best image comes from more than just the clothes we wear on our body, it also comes from our body language, our voice tonality, and our overall attitude.

Vocal Projection

How is Your Vocal Projection?  All women want a confident man. One of the surest ways to display confidence is by having a strong, clear voice that isn’t afraid of being heard. You don’t have to sound like Barry White or Don LaFontaine (the man who does almost all of movie trailer voices today), but …

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Eliminating Unattractive Body Language

Bad body language displays unattractive traits like weakness, nervousness, neediness, insecurity, discomfort, and submissiveness.

Good body language will show alpha male traits and attractive traits like dominance, strength, relaxed confidence, and being at secure with oneself and at ease around a woman.

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