Do you want to write a guest post for Kinowear?

If you do, then you’ll be in good company. We’ve had some super successful guest posts from guest authors, and we’d be happy to consider publishing your course here as well.

We’re pretty flexible about what we publish at Kinowear, as long as it meets the following criteria.

  1. It’s Really Good – We’re looking for good, unique, fresh ideas. Ideas that help guys in their daily life and have something to do with success and style.
  2. It’s Original – Your post WILL be put through Copyscape to make sure it’s not a duplicate. If it is, you’ll be blacklisted. Period. This needs to be 100% unique.
  3. It’s Relevant – Although this is primarily a style blog, we’re looking for anything that improves the lives of our readers and can be tied back into fashion. For example, fitness articles are great because of the importance of being fit in regards to looking good. Just don’t stretch it too far. Be sensible.
  4.  It’s Not A Cleverly Disguised Sales Pitch – Please, just don’t.
  5. You Are Not An SEO Agency – Don’t bother. The answer is going to be no. If you are an SEO agency trying to disguise yourself as a “freelance writer”, or a “social media marketer”, you might as well close out of this page right now.

Sound Good? Here’s What To Do To Submit

  1. Read Our Most Popular Posts – Hint, they’re in the sidebar of this blog 🙂 Generate a list of ideas, and then choose your top idea.
  2. Send Me An Email With Your Pitch – Send an email to support @ kinowear (copy/paste and remove the spaces when emailing) with the following items…
    1. Please make the subject of your email: GUEST POST PITCH: [YOUR SUGGESTED TITLE].
    2. Include THREE topic ideas, with a brief sentence describing each idea.
    3. Include THREE links to previous articles you’ve written.

If you do not follow this exactly, I will not write you back.

  1. If Accepted, You’ll Create An Author Account – This is a quick process and saves us both time.
  2. Write The Draft & Submit It – Inside your author account you can submit your post for approval. Do this, then email me to tell me it’s done. This should be done AFTER you proofread it and add any photos. For extra credit, read it out loud (twice) and make corrections. For extra, extra credit, add the links right within the post. You can have 1-2 to your own stuff, as well as outside resources and preferably, internal linking to other pages on Kinowear.
  3. Revision Time – After we’ve read the post we’ll either approve it as-is, make our own edits, or send it back for edits on your end. Sometimes we’ll reject it completely, for various reasons (typically due to lackluster or non-focused writing).

Then We Go Live…

This is actually pretty simple.

I will email you the second I hit “publish”.

At that time…

  1. Be Ready To Promote Your Post – If your article is accepted, I expect you to promote it to your list, social media audience, and anywhere else you want to promote it. You might also consider mentioning it to anyone you mention inside the post itself. This is beneficial to you (you gain more authority), us (more people see it), the readers (more readers find it), and anybody you mention within your post.

That’s all there is to it. If you have any questions, or you want to propose a post idea, go ahead and email us at Support @ kinowear com! (Make sure you remove spaces when emailing)

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