Tailor4Less Review: My Newest Obsession

Tailor4Less has become part of my newest obsession.

Customizing my own made to order, already-tailored clothes.

Every year technology becomes more powerful and we’re starting to see all kinds of new technology begin to hit the style scene.

For me personally, being able to create exactly what I want and then have it delivered to me already tailored is an enormous benefit because I don’t have to spend as much time shopping in stores (with a wife, and 2 kids, one of which who has autism, my free time is very limited these days)… and I don’t have to worry about taking it to a tailor to get measured.

That’s where places like Tailor4Less come in.

What Makes Tailor4Less So Unique?

Using the technology on their website, you first choose from a huge variety of clothes. You can choose from shirts, suits, blazers, pants, polo shirts, wedding apparel, coats, and even accessories (ties, cufflinks, belts, scarves, socks, suspenders, etc.).

Then, you customize.

You enter in all the details you want about the type of clothing you’re buying, which varies depending on what type of clothing you want to purchase.

When buying a shirt, for example, you can choose from…

  • Sleeve length (long or short)
  • How fitted you want it
  • Collar style
  • Collar lining
  • Collar buttons
  • Cuff style
  • Chestpocket (if you want them, and what kind)
  • Placket style
  • Whether you want a tail to tuck it in, or squared to leave it out
  • Pleat style

Then you can choose your fabric where you’ll get dozens of different options in color, type of material and pattern, all at different price points.

After you’ve customized your item, you then give them your measurements.

It’s REALLY easy. They give you extremely detailed pictures each step of the way. It takes less than 5 minutes. It then gets saved into your profile, so you only have to do it once.

If you’d like to see see me through the ordering process on the Tailor4Less website, just watch the quick video I made for you below…

 The Quality Of Tailor4Less Shirts

It’s sometimes hard writing about quality, because basically “it depends”.

If you’re spending $250 for a shirt, what you expect is going to be different from a $50 shirt you’re buying.

They offer a variety of different materials at different price points. I chose “Tamul” which is 100% cotton, wrinkle-free material.

Was it the most exquisite, velvety-soft material I’ve ever worn?


But for the price (about $89.85) I thought it was a good value. Not a “wow” value, but very reasonable considering the shirt was both custom-created, AND custom-fitted based on my measurements. A few places had stitching that was a bit funky, but nothing catastrophic.

Here’s a closeup up the material and a button.

Not hand-stitched, but well done here. Would have liked to see a mother of pearl button and more consistently good stitching throughout the shirt.

The Accuracy Of The Fit

This is the more important part, because a lot of people get nervous about whether or not the company is actually going to send them the correct sized shirt.

Here are a few quick pictures I got, with comments.

Keep in mind while looking at these that I lost about 7 pounds from the time I ordered the shit until the time I put it on. When I first put it on, it did fit better than what you see in the pictures below. Since there is now a little extra material, it billows out a little more in certain areas.

A little billowing around the love handles, but not much.
A little billowing around the love handles, but not horrible. Notice the lack of lines on the front side of the shirt (because of good fit).

Here’s one from the side…

Straight line down in the front… fitted well in the arms… just a little excess fabric in the back.


And another from the back…


Hey, stop looking at me ass... you perve!
Hey, stop looking at my ass… you perv!

My Overall Opinion Of Tailor4Less

If I were scoring them out of 10 on an overall basis, I would give them an 8. I think they’re a very affordable place to get quality clothes that, while they won’t make you look like you own the joint, they’ll give you an easy way to create your own custom clothes, which are nearly perfectly fitted (it’s going to depend on how accurate YOU are when measuring yourself).

In my eyes and based on my own experience, they’re definitely worth a try.

You can go here to visit the Tailor4Less website.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

  • dan says:

    here’s what I think. shirts are decent, but you can find way better shirts in other places at similar or lower prices. suits are a disaster. I bought a linen suit from them which is unwearable. the jacket has such a collar gap that it is not only impossible to correct, but I have yet to find such a huge collar gap on a RTW jacket from any maker. oh, their customer service? yeah… they offered 35EUR in tailor alterations fees. now, my friend, you go order a suit from these guys and then correct a 3 cm collar gap with 35 eur. I wish you a lot of luck. or, better, just don’t order a suit from them.

  • Scott W says:

    You could use a followup on your thought process for designing a custom shirt as well. A lot of options also gives us a lot of opportunity to make bad choices. I’ve looked at this site and some of it’s competitors before but I’ve yet to take the plunge.

    Between making my actual design choices, and taking proper measurements to provide the tailor I’ve been hesitant to pull the trigger on the price tag.

  • That’s a great idea, thanks Scott!

  • Sorry to hear about the suit. I wonder if that’s a typical thing or a one-time issue they had with your suit.

    The customer service issue you mentioned does make me a little nervous…

  • SuitSeeker says:

    Same here. Agree suits are a disaster. The great UI pulled me in and received the suit in the mail to find the cut, quality, and fit were seemingly for someone about 75lbs heavier than me and I ordered the slim fit. Then customer service was slow to reply and resolve so I eventually ate the cost and donated the suit to Good Will.

  • Ginni says:

    Had a very bad first experience with Tailor4Less – item delivered was a whole size larger than ordered, wrong style and sewn incorrectly. After a month of emailing, merchant refuses to replace unless I pay more money. PayPal won’t cover my purchase, saying that the item does not comply with their policy! Don’t understand how, but it all seems pretty dodgy. Would warn anyone from using T4L.

  • Ginni says:

    Agree, my item arrived a size larger and sewn incorrectly … Merchant refused to replace unless I pay more. Overall pretty disappointed with Tailor4Less. 🙁

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