Spring and Summer 2012 Essentials

Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons for bold self-expression in style. While Winter and Autumn allow for complex layering and outerwear, the warmer seasons place more emphasis on colors and patterns.

Be bold, practical and throw in a touch of runway charm for a fashionable look in the warmer seasons.


Every man should own the following foundational items:

  • A pair of khakis, white jeans and some shorts in different colors (e.g., navy, gray, red)
  • Colored polos and dress shirts

You can grab all of these for a low price at Uniqlo.


The key to the foundational items is to balance bold, bright shades that pop with lighter tones (whites, light blues, etc.)

Here are some examples:


You should invest in a pair of shoes that will be comfortable and stylish when worn barefoot or with liner socks. Sperry Top-Siders are the classic boat shoe, and look great with any Spring/Summer outfit.

Light brown loafers or dress shoes can be worn in both casual and professional situations. Suede wingtips are also trending this summer, so grab a pair and take it up a notch.


You’ll also want to have items to layer with when weather permits. Pick a light colored sportcoat like this one from J.Crew or go with something a bit more fashionable. For example, checks and seersucker are both great patterns that are trending this Summer.


Paying close attention to detail always pays off.

For example, if you want your outfit to have a good sense of congruence, try matching your watchband to the color of your belt and shoes. If you want to be more fun and creative, go for something more colorful like the yellow watch in the photo above.

Be sure to pick up a great pair of sunglasses this season! RayBan offers a nice variety of shapes, colors and styles. Sunglasses are the summer accessory.

Do you wear eye glasses? If you need an affordable pair of prescription sunglasses, check out Warby Parker.

Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure you buy a pair that fits you right.


Have fun shopping!

Remember, summer fashion is meant to be fun and expressive. Don’t be afraid to get creative and stand out from the crowd!

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  • Socialkenny says:

    Wow!This’ a tough one for me as far as white jeans.I totally hate the thought of white pants(never meshed with my style).

    What would you recommend to go with white pants(or denim)?What color shoes,shirt,what type of shirt,etc.

  • TAllagash says:

    awesome. the light blazer with comfortable pants, a stylish pair of shoes to accompany is baller for warm(er) weather. i love these posts. i’ve taken a lot of these to heart for my personal style.

  • James Duffy says:

    Killer write-up. Simple, to the point, and actionable.

    One thing that kills me about summer fashion is that it just gets too damn hot to wear pants if you do any amount of walking around the city. If you guys spot any stylish shorts for this season, some recommendations would be appreciated. Cheers!

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