Have These 6 "Evil" Style Myths
Held You Back From Commanding The
Respect & Confidence You Deserve?

Here's a stone-cold fact.

The way you dress has a direct and powerful correlation to how the world (yourself included) perceives and treats you.

Think about it...

  • Well-dressed men are magnetically attractive when they walk into a bar, party or other social setting...
    • Professionals instantly get more respect (and promotions) from their boss, colleagues and business partners...
  • Every man on Earth feels more confident about himself when he's dressed like a badass...

The Problem Is... Good Style Just
Doesn't Come Naturally To Most Men!

Please don't dress like this guy!

Men aren't born with good "style genes".

Our Dad's don't really teach us to dress well. That's not really what they do.But these days, there's no question that looking sharp is a necessity.

So you take the route most other guys take...

You read blogs and magazines putting together a collection of style "tips" that result in a mismatched wardrobe...

You try to dress like guys the admire (or guys girls admire) disregarding that the style of the men they're copying may not suit your body or personality...

Or worse still, you ask a woman to help you shop, not realizing she has no clue how men's clothes should fit or whether or not the items she's picking out for you will match your wardrobe!

I'm sure you know by now... NONE of that works!

In fact I'm sure you're wondering...

Is It Even POSSIBLE For You To Dress Well
Without The Frustration And Costly Mistakes?

The answer is... HELL YEA!

You deserve to be the man everyone respects as you enter a room. You deserve watching people snap their heads back for a second look as they glance over at you. You deserve to be treated with more respect in business or professional situations.

But to do this, you have to know a few things.

More specifically, you need to understand the 6 big myths of style so you can immediately stop making 95% of the mistakes everyone else is making...

Myth #1
Being Stylish Costs Money

There's no denying that having a larger budget means you can buy higher quality clothing. But in the first section of the Kinowear Bible, we show you how you can build a flexible wardrobe on a small budget by purchasing 11 basics that'll form the foundations every outfit you wear giving you a greater number of unique outfits at any time.

We even show you where you should spend your money because spending a little extra on certain items will give all your entire outfit a higher quality appearance.

Ultimately, you can save up to 50% on clothes with our unique methods for upgrading your wardrobe.

Looking sharp doesn't need to be expensive!

Myth #2
Being Stylish Takes Time

We'll show you how to look sharp in mere seconds...

This couldn't be further from the truth. When your wardrobe is organized and designed to be flexible you'll find you can quickly and effortlessly create an outfit that looks stylish.

We'll show you how to quickly coordinate outfits in 60 seconds or less without frustrating yourself over how well it's going to look. Within days it will become natural and easy!

Myth #3
Shopping Is Hard & Time Consuming

When you know your style, what you're looking and how clothing should fit you'll become ruthlessly efficient when it comes to clothes shopping.

You'll very quickly learn that only 5% of clothes are even worthy of your attention and an even smaller percentage of those are worth buying after you've checked to see if they will fit your body.

We have a couple of gifts for you to make this even easier too.

Shopping is quick, fun and affordable IF you know how...

Myth #4
Coordinating Colors, Patterns & Accessories
Is Complicated & Frustrating

Colors and patterns are easy to match when you have guidelines!

A lot of guys struggle matching various colors, patterns and accessories.

But it's EASY if you learn how to do it step-by-step. No more wondering, worrying or obsessing over it. We'll show you our step-by-step approach so you look sharp without even thinking about it!

Myth #5
It's Hard Finding Your Own Unique Look

Some men are looking for a certain type of style.

  • A relaxed casual look...
  • The timeless gentleman...
  • Or a high-class European look...
  • The Kinowear system doesn't force you to adopt a specific style. It helps you create your own personalized style which suits you.

    • It doesn't matter if you're 14 years old or 65...
    • It doesn't matter if you live in America or China...
    • It doesn't matter if you weight 60kg or 100kg...

    What matters is that you understand the style principles that allow you to show your best self to the world.

    We even show you where you should spend your money because spending a little extra on certain items will give all your entire outfit a higher quality appearance.

Discover how to find your unique style, without copying other people!

Myth #6
Being Stylish Is The Same As Being
"Fashionable" Or "Trendy"

Stop wasting money on trendy fads. We teach TIMELESS style...

Style goes deeper than fashion.

It's about wearing clothes that are a reflection of who you are, your values, your self-worth, self-respect and self-confidence.

It's about congruency and the image you want to project to the world.

It's impossible for you to create a unique style that commands attention if you're constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends - If you allow yourself to become a devout follower of fashion you'll be another one of the 95% of men who are just desperately trying to demand attention.


The Kinowear Bible

The Kinowear Bible is an easy-to-read downloadable PDF containing a step-by-step system to guide a man through the beginner stages of developing his style all the way to teaching you the advanced style tips that girls fall in love with and other men instantly respect.

It's a system that will very quickly bring you up to speed with the fundamental principles of men's fashion and once you finish reading for the first time you'll start noticing the mistakes you've made with your own wardrobe as well as spotting all the mistakes other men are making when it comes to dressing with style.

It's been used by THOUSANDS of men from nearly every country in the world to...

  • Look your best without killing your budget...
  • Transform your confidence in the way you look...
  • Command attention in formal and non-formal settings...
  • Stand out from other guys at bars & parties...
  • Customize your own unique style...

I never cared much for dressing up. I simply got what I thought looked nice or at least okay. Skater sneaker, much too wide pants, usually a band t-shirt and a hoodie.

After reading the Kinowear Bible I threw out a lot of old stuff and started completely over. I especially developed a love for good shoes and boots.

I started to wear better fitting pants and got rid of band t-shirts. It made me much more confident. I get more smiles from girls and I started to be much more open. Also, I got a girlfriend!

Georg (last name not disclosed)

I used to be a gym rat in college. White v-necks, basketball shorts and sandals were my forte. Needless to say, I was invisible to chicks and I felt I could have earned more male respect had I dressed better.

Then I bought the Kinowear Bible. My new wardrobe has paid off in dividends in many aspects of my life. I now garner respect from peers and feel comfortable in my own skin. I prioritize fit and good quality clothes. Kinowear gave me a baseline to appreciate classic looks and find a tailor made style that suits my lifestyle. The new confidence is a good kind of high you'll get addicted to.

Andy Huynh

I’m the guy that kept all his old clothes from high school. No thought was put into anything, most of it didn’t fit, and most of it was covered in logos.

My biggest changes after Kinowear were buying clothing that fits, getting rid of baggy tshirts with brands/logos/etc, investing in nice shoes and jeans, investing in a nice jacket and blazer.

Dressing better has increased my confidence, which is really a benefit that pervades all aspects of your life: business, romantic, social. I am a freelance web developer, and there is no real “dress code” for my career. However, dressing better has the effect of making me look more professional and trustworthy, which has been essential as I scale up my business to work with bigger and bigger clients. Socially and romantically, I feel more comfortable and less “out of place” in nearly all environments, and also feel more comfortable talking to someone I am attracted to.

Quick Spicker

Here's What You'll Find Inside...
Section #1: Beginners

This section is dedicated showing you how you should be thinking about men's fashion and teaching you the ever-so-important foundations of style

.Just because this section is "beginners" doesn't mean that men who've started cultivating their own style can't learn from it because these foundations will put you ahead of 95% of other guys.

Here's what you'll learn...

  • How to smash your limiting beliefs and insecurities that have stopped you from enjoying the benefits of dressing with style...
  • How to reduce the time you spend shopping by giving you ruthless guidelines for only picking items that will suit your style and make you look good...
  • When to spend on quality and when to spend on quantity (getting this wrong can cost a small fortune)...
  • How to avoid the 15 common men's fashion mistakes usually made by those who don't have a true style system in place...
  • How to buy the perfect pair of jeans - our definitive guide will teach you what 95% of men don't know and no woman understands...
  • How to put together a simple exercise routine to help you fill out your clothes perfectly...
  • How to organise your clothes using a simple method that means you can still dress sharply when you've only got minutes to get ready.

Here's What You'll Find Inside...
Section #2: Intermediate

This section shows you how to upgrade to the next level of style. If you haven't been getting compliments already, you'll start getting them now. Men and women will start noticing your new sense of style. You'll get so much attention you'll start to feel magnetic.

Here's what you'll discover...

  • Why dressing stylishly is something far bigger than trying to be fashionable or trendy...
  • How simple it is for a man to dress stylishly in any season...
  • How you use a few simple "congruency" secrets that make you stand out even when dressed similarly to your friends and colleagues...
  • The real difference between an item and a brand and why being a brand "snob" will limit your style...
  • The deceptively simple method for matching colors with your complexion...
  • Exactly why shoes are so crucial to your image and how to buy the perfect pair (they really are the first thing a girl looks at and can make your whole outfit appear to be a drastically higher quality)...
  • How you can cut your budget by 50% or more by taking advantage of a salesman and other tricks...

Here's What You'll Find Inside...
Section #3: Advanced Style Tips

When you've learned the beginner and intermediate style principles and start working on this section, you'll be well above and beyond the average man. After adopting these principles, you'll have a look that girls fall in love with and men instantly respect.

In the final section, you'll discover...

  • The most common mistakes made by men learning to be fashionable and many who already think they are stylish...
  • How to choose a leather jacket - this is much more complex than you think...
  • The RIGHT way to wear high-end clothes without looking like you're trying too hard...
  • Adding style through detailed accessories...
  • Advanced layering, contrasting, twisting and asymmetry techniques...
  • How to choose and wear a suit to stand out in the corporate world...
  • Our top resources for information and clothes for when you've mastered the principles of style...
  • How to wear glasses and sunglasses PROPERLY...

"My style is evolving, gaining in definition and I’m finally able to show my personality through all of my outfits. Bit by bit, what I communicate is who I am, and who I am is evolving thanks to what I communicate. Being completely honest, I’ll never be able to thank Kinowear enough for giving me all of that."


“I’ve learnt plenty of stuff with the book, and thanks to the illustrations I’ve been able to realize how badly I was choosing my clothes. The “wardrobe demolition” chapter has been astonishing to me.”

Simon, France

“With plenty of tips and tons of illustrations, The Kinowear Bible is essential reading if you want to attract more girls, impress at the office and be more confident with other men.”

Jonathan, Switzerland

For most of my life, I dressed super casual: basic t-shirts, jeans, running shoes. Honestly I never really put much thought into it. I looked like most other guys so I figured that was good enough.

After reading the Kinowear Bible I decided to get serious about my looks, and have since completely overhauled my complete style. I wear chinos, dress suits, casual - but not sloppy. I became more confident, I am more socially outgoing, and I feel better about myself.

David Cunningham

Before Kinowear I was a mess. Clothes did not fit right, wardrobe was haphazard mix of items of different colors with no neutral colors to match items with. I wore mostly cheap flip flops in summer and running shoes in winter.

Now I wear clothes that fit perfectly, simple color palette, high quality fabrics especially jeans. Attractive suede shoes were a massive improvement in both mood and image. My confidence has skyrocketed, clothes feel more comfortable and higher quality which improved my mood immensely. Plus my girlfriend is way happier. Total no-brainer for the price!

Jon Avellino

"I used to just would slap together an outfit with clothes that looked good separately. I used to think it looked good, until the Kinowear Bible showed me what REAL style looks like.

Once I read through the course I experimented with different types of clothing and shoes I would never wear before. Furthermore, I made sure the outfit I wore looked good as a whole. It gave me the confidence to do whatever I wanted to do in the social scene of college."

Herman Matharu

As you can see, upgrading your style isn't about looking better. It's about what looking better represents.

More confidence. More respect. Feeling happier. You simply become a better version of yourself, which has radiating positive effects throughout all areas of your life.

And since I love my customers, I want to give you a couple incredible bonuses if you decide to invest in the Kinowear Bible today...

Order Today And Receive
3 Instantly Downloadable Special Bonuses!

Bonus #1:
100+ Sample Outfits You Can Model

Instant access to all photos in the book. These HD pictures include real life outfits we wear everyday. 100+ ideas for outfits you can replicate easily.


Bonus #2:
3 Smartphone "Cheat Sheets"

Order today and you'll receive...

  1. The "Jacket" Cheat Sheet you can use when buying a new jacket...
  2. The "Jeans" Cheat Sheet to buy the perfect jeans, every time!
  3. The "Shirts" Cheat Sheet to save money on every shirt you buy!
Bonus #3:
Access To The Kinowear Members Area

This section of the Kinowear site is exclusive to those who have bought the Kinowear Bible or any other products. Inside you'll get access to:

Our Favorite Places To Shop For The Best "Bang For Your Buck"

We include stores for all budgets whether you're looking to spend everyday prices or splash out on extremely high-end clothing. You'll discover places you never knew about that are perfect for you to pick up new clothing for your wardrobe.

A Place To Get Your Questions Answered

You'll have the ability to personally ask me any questions you have after going through the Kinowear Bible and applying it to your life. Plus you can read through the comments of past & current members to get insights you can't find anywhere else.

Free Updates For Life

We're always developing new resources, new bonuses and new ways of thinking. Any time we update the Kinowear Bible (by adding new style guides), you'll be given instant access to the latest version.

Fashion Insights You Won't Find Anywhere Else

We have a unique way of thinking which gives you what you need to know without excess "fluff" or conflicting ideas. Plus you can refer back to The Kinowear Bible any time you need a refresher or before buying a certain article of clothing.

Exclusive Deals, Discounts & Vouchers Not Publicly Available

Since we have about a million visitors per year, we attract the attention of a lot of online clothing stores who want to show you what they've got. We take advantage of that by getting them to give us exclusive deals, discounts and vouchers for our customers only! These are sent via email any time we get them for you.

The Kinowear Bible Saves You Thousands Of Dollars
And Hundreds Of Hours While Making You Feel
Like A Confident, Unstoppable Badass...

With our unique methods, bonuses and discounts you'll easily save $1000's when you purchase the Kinowear Bible that costs less than the price of a t-shirt.

You'll also save thousands of hours of learning time by trying to develop your own unique style without understanding the under principles that the men follow to create a stylish look with a timeless feel.

Which means you'll also get the benefits of being stylish quicker as well. Benefits that go far beyond being fashionable that can't be measured with a monetary value such as:

  1. Commanding the respect of other men in formal and non-formal situations...
  2. Finding it easier to persuade and influence other people...
  3. Getting far more attention from the fairer sex...

However, this is for people who realize that style is about more than fashion.And, while it's far easier to develop your style than you'd think it does still require you to invest a little time and money into creating your new wardrobe.

So...Are you ready to present your best self to the world?

Get The Kinowear Bible For Just $27
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The ENTIRE Kinowear package, including the Kinowear Bible and all bonuses we've just discussed, is a simple one-time payment of $27. $27 for a lifetime of more internal confidence, more respect from others, an easier time attracting a partner, and just simply feeling like a badass.

PLUS we'll even safeguard your investment today with a one-year, 100% money-back guarantee. Take a look at the entire package. If you don't think it's worth 10x the price, just shoot us a quick email ([email protected]) and we'll refund you with no questions asked.

  • The Affordable Wardrobe System
  • Bonus #1: Kinowear "Fundamentals" Buying Guide
  • Bonus #2: 10 Money-Saving Tips From Kinowear Customers
  • Bonus #3: Kinowear Lookbook Collection
  • 1-Year, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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