Spring Forward Style

Lookbook: Spring Forward Style

This is probably one of the coolest outfits you can put together this Spring.

What you’ll need to put together a similar look:

Blazer: J.Crew $148

Pocket Square: Vineyard Vines $40

Shirt: Alexander Wang $74

Shorts: Old Navy $19

Belt: ASOS $27

Watch: Timex $29

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  • Alex says:

    So what’s the deal with his sleeves? My blazers don’t seem to go that high

  • Dean says:

    Great look.

    I can never push up my jacket sleeves without them sliding back down, is there a technique to do it?

  • Max Batres says:

    Looks neat.

    I’d like pictures like this show the footwear. To me, when it comes to putting an outfit together it all comes down to the shoes.

  • leonffs says:

    @Alex and @Dean
    Workout your forearms and that will solve your problem. This guy has good, solid forearms so his blazer easily slides up and stays.

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