Kinowear Style Pick: Killer Varvatos Accessories

Photo: Monica Feudi /

Curse you John Varvatos. You’ve done it again. I was looking through this Fall 2011 collection and I instantly wanted every accessory seen here – the burgundy high-top boots, leather duffel bag, leather cut-off gloves (especially), silk burgundy scarf, sunglasses, funky hat, even the damn furry key-chain. It reminds me once again, that accessories can make your entire look.

Another thing I love here is the use of burgundy. Seeing a lot more use of this color on the runway, I have to say it’s one of my new favorite colors. Burgundy has the potential to look great on just about anybody – it always has a classy, confident, and warmly bold vibe to it.

With all this new inspiration in mind, time to go accessory shopping.

For more outfit inspirations from John Varvatos, check out the rest of his Fall ’11 collection.

  • Mike Yoon says:

    I’ve spent long sleepness nights debating on paying $650 for a pair of Varvatos boots… ugh, I winded up succumbing to it’s seduction.

  • Ale Focardi says:

    I just love those boots! Still my question here is about the gloves, when can you ‘pull ’em off’ I would feel like I’m trying too damn hard with them on.

    I’m still at the step of creating my own style, and I want to understand how can you decide if that fits this ‘persona’ you are creating, when is style about your attitude and when it is about what looks good on you?

  • Chris says:

    This is definitely unique. I can’t say It’s my style personally, but i can tell it takes confidence to pull off.

    So this is where Kanye goes shopping :).

  • Jae says:

    Hey Ale,

    Great question! About gloves like the ones in the photo, you have to first try them on to see how you like them. Then you can decide if they would go with an outfit that you like to wear. What matters is most is that you enjoy what you’re wearing, then adjust that to the feedback you get from others, according to how you want to express yourself! Make sure you read the latest series the “Science of Style”!

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