When it comes to custom suits, Black Lapel is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Based out of New York City (you can also order online) in 2012, they went live for a single reason... ... to bring gentlemen high quality, custom suits... at a reasonable price. I recently had the pleasure of testing out one of their suits and before I get into the review, there are two things you might want to know...

  1. The previous owners of Kinowear (the guys who founded it) work at Black Lapel.
  2. I loved the suit so much, I wore it to my own father's viewing when he passed away in November.
That said, let's dive in...

In the last article we talked about the basics options you need to know before buying a suit. Today we're going to talk about what kind of suit is most flattering on different body types. Some guys have specific needs when it comes clothing that flatter their body type, while others have it fairly easy. Read on if you find it hard to make things look right on your body!

Tall and Skinny

Go For Heavier Fabric

If you're tall and skinny, get heavier fabrics to add some proportion and additional weight to your body. Lighter fabrics will hang on your body like a thin layer and make you look more frail, so look for fabrics like tweed or a heavier weight worsted wool.

Stick With Light Colors

Lighter colors always make things appear more bulky, so use this to your advantage. Stay away from pinstripes (that lengthen) and dark colors (that are slimming) and choose a lighter color such as khaki or gray.

Choose A Higher Button Stance

Three buttons will look more flattering on a tall guy because it has height and length that is proportional to his body. You can even go with a two button jacket if you'd like but  choose one with a button stance that's closer to your solar plex than your navel.