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The Psychotic Yuppie Mentality

Yuppies. Having the latest and the greatest just for the sake of having the latest and the greatest. Before I start writing about the Yuppie mentality, I’ll tell you the key to attracting women. Ask a woman what the most important quality they look for in a man is, and the most frequent answer will …

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Ultimate Congruence To Your Style

Have you ever dressed up and felt like you were trying too hard? How about that uneasy feeling that something wasn’t right? In this article, I’ll address the idea of “congruence”–upgrading your look, while still feeling that it’s “you.” What Prevents Most Guys From Finding Their Best Look One of the most common limiting beliefs …

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The World Of Denim Connoisseurs

“…they’re just jeans…” Just beyond the fashion-conscious culture of designer jeans including the likes of diesel and true religion lies a niche denim culture, and it’s respective works of arts more artistic, subtle, expensive, and obsessive than anything you’ve seen before. It’s a culture that includes terminology like “raw denim,” “organic denim,” and “selvage.” And …

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15 Quick Fashion Tips for Men

I’m sitting here enjoying a hot cup tea, trying to get the creative juices flowing for this next article. Since everyone loves top lists, I thought I’d give you guys something you probably don’t see too often, a quick list of some practical fashion tips. Here are 15 Quick Fashion tips: 1. Fit is King …

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