Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

The Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

One of the biggest mistakes I see guys make with their hair is following hair trends that don’t fit their face shape. For example, just because the faux hawk is popular does not mean that a guy with a long face should go for it.

Not only does a flattering haircut strengthen your best facial features and hide your flaws, but it also enhances your overall image. There are seven basic shapes: oval, diamond, round, square, rectangle, oblong, and triangle. Pull your hair back from your face, look in the mirror, and examine the outline, then choose from the following categories that most closely fits your face. You probably won’t fit into an exact category, but having a sense of your general face shape will help you decide on the right haircut.

Kinowear is all about giving you the cutting-edge details… so let’s get specific!


(James Franco)

This is the “perfect” face shape. Slightly wider at the forehead than at the cheekbones or chin, it is classically proportioned.

If you have an oval face you can wear any hairstyle that suits your personality and lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to change and experiment with new looks, for you’ve been blessed with the most versatile face shape when it comes to hairstyle.


(Johnny Depp)

A diamond face is wider at the cheekbones than at the forehead or chin. If your face is diamond-shaped, your hair should fill out your face at the forehead and chin while being close to your head (but not plastered flat) at its widest point. When your hair covers your forehead, your face seems wider. Fullness just below the back of the ears and in the back of the head gives weight to the chin and lower jaw area. Never pull your hair straight back. use a slight high side part. If your hair is curly, make sure it does not stick out at the temples.


(Jack Black)

A round face is also wider at the cheekbones but has a curved, chin and brow. It is almost as wide as it is long. Your goal is to slim your face and create a longer look. Your hair can also help create the illusion of angles. Part your hair about two inches to either side of center with bangs on an angle to cut the roundness of your forehead. Keep fullness at the top and around eye level, but trim hair shorter at the ears. Wear your sideburns a touch longer and cut them on an angle with the front pointing downward. A closely trimmed beard shaped on an angle can effectively slim a round face.


(Tom Welling)

A square face is about as wide at the cheeks as it is long, with an angular jaw and a square forehead. If your face is square, your goal is to make your face seem a little longer and somewhat less angular. Keep your part one and a half inches to either side of center, as a part too far to the side accents squareness. Hair should be full on top adding height. Cover the corners of your angular forehead with bands that wave outward at both temples. Enjoy your square jaw. It’s a masculine trait that many men envy.


(Zac Efron)

Longer than it is wide, the rectangular face is square-jawed and has an angular forehead. If your face is rectangular, you can shorten it slightly by adding fullness to the sides and softening the hairline. Cover your forehead with some offcenter bangs to shorten your face and camouflage your angular forehead. A layered cut adds width and helps create roundness at the sides of your face. Blow-dry your hair to add fullness. Avoid long hair in the black.


(Bruce Lee)

The oblong face has the same proportions as the rectangular face, but the chin and brow are curved and rounded, not angular. If you have an oblong face, you want to create the illusion of a shorter, fuller shape. Add fullness at the temples and sides, and keep it longer around the ears. A longish layered cut provides fullness especially if you blow-dry your hair. Keep it short at the back so the hairline doesn’t drag the eye downwards.


(Gerard Way)

A wide brow, slightly narrower cheekbones, and a narrow chin are characteristic of the triangular face. If your face is triangular, you need to narrow your brow area and widen your chin. Part your hair about three inches to either side of center with bangs covering one side of the forehead. Keep it close-cropped at the top and temples, with extra length and fullness in the back, perhaps showing beneath the ears. A beard can be the perfect solution for filling in a narrow chin.


Finding the best hairstyle is harder for a man than for a woman. While women have flexibility, men can make only subtle adjustments in their hairstyle. The variation of a quarter inch in length can transform your face. The placement of your part, the length of the hair around your ears, a layered or blunt cut – all make a significant difference in your look.

I tried to find celebrity examples that fit the examples as close as possible, but they’re not perfect so don’t feel bad if your face shape doesn’t look like the ones above. People may have characteristics from different basic face shapes, so see which fits you best. At the least, look through the examples and take a look at some things you can do to hide any flaws you feel you have.

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