Barbershop Quartet: The Four Essential Male Grooming Tips

There is only so much class that good clothing can provide before the rest of you catches up. I’m going to say this many times: Hygiene is just as important as dressing well. Don’t believe me? Walk into an office wearing a suit after not showering or shaving for a full week and watch what happens. Of course, no one would do that, but you can imagine the reaction. Bloodcurdling screams, fainting, the National Guard is called, it would get real messy. Here’s how to not make that happen with these grooming tips…

Hair Care

Growing up in my mother’s salon, I have picked up a few tips and tricks about the art of hair styling. For starters, take your time to find a reliable barber that you can trust because there’s nothing scarier than going to a barber and not knowing how you’re going to end up looking when you exit. Do you want to know the difference a beautiful mane can make? Google “Adam Levine hairstyle” and “Adam Levine bald”. Boom. Hair can be the most prominent feature of your face if you do it right, but hair care doesn’t end when you leave the barber. As I always say, keep your friends close, keep these hair products closer:

Shampoo: Cleans your hair. Use every or every other day, depending on your hair’s greasiness.

Conditioner: Keeps your hair soft and keeps your hair from snow…I mean keeps dandruff away.

Paste: The most versatile product of the pack, it’s ideal for any hair type and leaves your hair with a clean matte finish. It’s easy to wash out at the end of the day too, definitely a necessity for the everyday man.

Clay: Needs a fair amount for a good hold but once the proper portion is used, no product is better for you. Clay adds volume and a velvety touch to your hair as well as nourishes the scalp. Finishes with a matte finish and adjustable medium-high hold.

Gel: Danny Zuko, is that you? For a slick, neat, and shined finish, use a comb to adjust the flow of your hair. Holds the best but make sure to wash well as any residue can seep down through your follicles and clog pores to spawn acne.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Facial Hair

Maintaining your scruff is vital to your manhood and overall appearance. For those that are still working on growing facial hair, keep it filed nicely so that you don’t develop a pedo stache. There is no era where that’s a cool look. There will be trending styles, currently the full beard (see lumbersexual) or trimmed to a T (see Drake). The most important thing is to own your style, be proud of the facial hair you have. Or you can just say screw it, let your beard grow to your knees, and roam the streets forever as Hipster Jesus. Your choice.

Razor: Ditch the gizmos and get a manual razor with enough blades to count on one hand. It will provide a closer shave and is also easier to clean.

Shaving cream: Protect your face with shaving cream to avoid razor burns and keep your face silky smooth.

Aftershave: Highly recommended after every shave to prevent infection, thus taking fantastic care of your skin. Sure, you’ll feel your face is on fire for a couple minutes, but consider it a boost of testosterone. Aftershave is usually infused with oils and fragrances to smooth the skin making you smell super-fresh. If you would prefer less burn, there are skin-sensitive options as well.



Smell speaks for itself. Let’s keep it simple: Whether you smell nice or not, I shouldn’t be able to get a whiff of you within five yards. Don’t be that guy.

Deodorant: Come on guys, it’s like $6 a stick. Considering how integral this is to your hygiene and dignity, we’ve always been curious why it doesn’t cost more. Save yourself all kinds of trouble and buy one with minty fresh smell. If it’s a renowned brand, it should last you about a year even if you use it every day. Tip: If you tend to sweat a lot and own hairy pits, contemplate a rough shave to make applying easier. You’ll learn the hard way that if deodorant isn’t applied well on the skin, you’ll still smell like a water buffalo.

Cologne: Derived from any material under the sun, you’d be surprised what goes into perfumes. Male colognes follow a scale from light, fresh and fruity to strong, rich, and earthy. To simplify it, the former would be something you wear to work and the latter for a night out.

There are three stages that cologne follows once applied to obtain its full scent: Top notes are perceived immediately once the cologne is applied and deliver the initial impression of the scent. They evaporate quickly to introduce Middle notes, which emerge just before the top notes disappear and are the main smell of the cologne. Their primary task is to ease the transition to Base notes, which possess a strong and lingering scent to bring depth and solidity to a perfume.

Deodorant and Cologne


Overlooked as often as Emilio Estevez (Who? Exactly), skincare can singlehandedly make or break your appearance. Arguably the most important aspect of grooming, neglecting this can cause break-outs, acne, zits, flaky skin, and etc. The key to a great face is balancing your skin. If it’s too dry, your skin will crack and any dirty germs floating around will find their way into those cracks. Even a smile could do you in. However, if your skin is too oily, it can end up clogging your pores and causing breakouts on your skin. Use these essentials to help your skin find its Zen:

Facewash: Use in the morning or during your shower to scrub away all your dead skin cells. If left unattended on your face, these cells can clog your pores from breathing naturally and cause rashes and skin irritations.

Moisturizer: Use in the mornings before you go outside. Any would be fine for dry skin but for oily skin, use a mild toner that tightens pores to prevent excess oil buildup on your face. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just ask someone at a cosmetics store and they’ll know what’s up. Don’t be shy, they’ll appreciate that you take care of your appearance.
Face wash and moisturizer


Wow, a tutorial that doesn’t involve clothes? You know it. Living as the epitome of man requires all aspects of your appearance, including hygienic grooming. You can wear the nicest tailored suit known to man but if you look and smell like Tom Cruise from Castaway, no one is going to want to talk to you. When you’re well trimmed and smelling fresh, you can wear just about anything and get away with it. Gym shorts and a tee at a well-established restaurant? Yeah, your beard is on point, you get a pass.

You’d be amazed the colossal difference adding a couple extra steps to your routine can do for your appearance and overall health. That is considering you do shower and brush your teeth…right?

So fresh, so clean.

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