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How to choose a men’s shirt

A shirt for every occasion It’s a vast topic and before you ask yourself how, you should ask yourself what you want the shirt for. Cos there’s a time and place for everything: you’re not going to turn up to work in a going-out shirt or vice versa. Don’t bother trying to copy those guys […]

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Web Review #1 Best links on men’s fashion

Hi guys, With this post, we’re starting a new category – we’ll call it “Web Review”. On a regular basis, once or twice a month, we’re going to share our favorite posts from other bloggers with you. Our aim will be to help you discover talented bloggers, designers, craftsmen, and brands, as well as the […]

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style habits

Those bad habits that you (really) need to kick

You may not realize it, but the little fashion faux-pas you make every day have a big impact on your overall style. And the more you repeat them, the harder it becomes to stop making them. The classic example that I come across often is the guy who’s been wearing jeans that are too big […]

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