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How does Asian Handicap betting work?
For betting on Asian Handicap to work, you must identify which team is stronger, and which team is weaker. The Asian Handicap betting system allows you to make these calculations quickly.
Step 1:
Calculate Margin Handicap
The first step is to calculate the Handicap Margin. This is the difference between Team A’s handicap and Team B’s handicap. Using the above example, if Team B is given a -2.0 handicap, it means that Team B has a 2.0 goal advantage over Team A. asian handicap bet365
Step 2:
Sort Your Chances
Once you have calculated the Margin Handicap, you can now decide which team you will bet on. There are two different ways to rank your odds:
Use Margin Handicap
If you use the Margin Handicap, you can always use the official Margin Handicap of -1.5. This means that if Team A is favored, then you must open your bet at odds of 1.25 (+1.5/-1.5 = +1.25) to get a successful bet on Team A.
Use the Power of both Teams
The second option is to use the strengths of both teams. This means you want to compare Team A and Team B to each other. The idea is to identify which team is better. In the example above, Team A has a Handicap Margin of -1.5 and Team B has a Handicap Margin of -2.0. Therefore, Team B is the better team at the moment.
Step 3:
Open your bet
Once you have sorted your odds, you can now open your bet. If you are using the Margin Handicap, then you will want to choose the team that is seeded by at least 2 goals. If you use the strengths of both teams, then you can choose the team that you believe has the superior strength.
Step 4:
Close your bet
At this point, you should close your bet. If you predict the result correctly, then you should win your bet.

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