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Lookbook: Camo Casual Style

If you like the idea of “effortless style,” then you might love this “camo” casual style.

The secret to style here is all in the small details – making it a perfect combination for a relaxed day out.

Lookbook: Dapper Summer Style

If you’re the type of guy who normally loves to dress up in a tie and blazer – you’ll feel extra confident in this ensemble. Rock it on a hot date, a dinner party, or a hip lounge – and prepare yourself for some serious attention.

Spring Forward Style

Lookbook: Spring Forward Style

This is probably one of the hottest outfits you can put together this Spring.

What you’ll need to put together a similar look…

Lookbook: Robert Downey Jr., Style Avenger

I have less than zero desire to see the new Avengers movie (sorry guys, this girl is not a ‘comic book movie’ kind of girl), but I have to give Robert Downey Jr. (aka Tony Stark) props for looking super sharp in mixed textures and a cool color palette at this press call for The Avengers.

Check out where you can get this look!

Kinowear Lookbook: #17

One of my favorite ways to be fashionably bold is through what I call fashion non-sequiturs. The idea is to take clothes (at first thought) that should NOT work together and making it work. It takes some balls to experiment and try new things at first, but you’ll quickly find what you like and come up with some killer looks that people rarely see on others.

Kinowear Lookbook: #16

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to dress fashionably in the summer heat. One of my answers was this lookbook example!

Kinowear Lookbook: #15

I think many places truly need to upgrade their standards for dressing. As an American, it’s clear to me that the majority of our nation is more about comfort than fashion. We wear gym clothes in public and the term “casual” is so loosely used that most people equate it to looking like a hobo.

Today’s lookbook is a reminder that we can set our standards higher.

Kinowear Lookbook: #14

Parts of this outfit instantly stand out, but it’s perfectly balanced and not over the top. If you master “balancing” your outfit, you can wear anything in almost any setting.

Kinowear Lookbook: #13

Details are everything when it comes to phenomenal style.

This look is a perfect example of how to look designer for less. The model in the picture above isn’t wearing any expensive designer labels, but you can’t tell just by looking.

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