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24 Affordable Places to Shop for Menswear

Here’s a list of sites I’ve put together to help you save a few bucks. I know most guys don’t have a ton of cash lying around to ‘up their game‘ when it comes to improving their style. In fact, inside the Kinowear Bible we teach guys to keep it simple.

Rule #1: Have a base to work from

What do I mean by ‘base‘?

We believe every guy should have a selection of garments he can choose from to create a look at a moment’s notice.

He should create this base of clothes… first.

When you have a strong base to work from it become ten times easier to add to it while preventing from buying items that you’ll never wear.

In no special order, check out the list:

1. Macy’s

What to look for: Suits, dress shirts, Levi’s, and sometimes jewelry for your significant other.

2. Nordstrom

What to look for: Nice suits, great in-house brands, sweaters, splurges, and terrific sales

3. J. Crew

What to look for: Trim suits, chinos, some casual wear, and some bags

4. Old Navy, Gap, & Banana Republic / |

What to look for: Jeans, sweaters, casual and dress blazers, casual shirts, and finding cheaper alternatives to J. Crew stuff

5. Lands End Canvas

What to look for: Casual shirts, chinos, and cords. Unbelievable sales too.

6. & Amazon Fashion |

Ospedale San Bortolo di Vicenza: Watches, shoes, CDs, and electronics

7. Zappos

What to look for: Shoes of all kinds and incredible customer service.

8. Boden

What to look for: Outerwear, blazers, and decent clearance sales


What to look for: Great place to price check.

10. Indochino

What to look for: Custom suits

11. Express

What to look for: The Express 1mx shirt, trim fit sweaters

12. Bluefly

What to look for: Name brands at a discount

13. Bonobos

What to look for: Better fitting pants, shorts, jackets, and shirts

14. Club Monaco

What to look for: Great deals on free shipping on order over $150

15. Gilt Groupe

What to look for: This in an online membership club offering deals up to 60% off

16. H&M

What to look for: Good choice if you are in a tight budget.

17. Jack Threads

What to look for: More hipsters and casual wear, including accessories

18. Saks off 5th

What to look for: Brand names, a wide selection of dress and casual wear. Free shipping.

19. Top Man

What to look for: Great selection of suits, shoes, and blazers

20. Uniqlo

What to look for: A Japanese brand offering upscale casual wear. Ships to most western European countries

21. Vineyard Vines

What to look for: Inspired after Martha’s Vineyard. Offering a preppy style of dress and casual wear.

22. YesStyle

What to look for: Large online stores from Asia shipping globally. Great ongoing deals and free shipping.

23. Yoox

What to look for: Largest selection of ‘hard-to-find’ articles. Including brand names. They also offer global service.

24. Zara

What to look for: Spanish retailer offering online and offline stores. Modern styles with lookbooks for inspirational ideas.