Web Review #1 Best links on men’s fashion

Hi guys,

With this post, we’re starting a new category – we’ll call it “Web Review”.

On a regular basis, once or twice a month, we’re going to share our favorite posts from other bloggers with you.

Our aim will be to help you discover talented bloggers, designers, craftsmen, and brands, as well as the best advice we’ve come across lately.

Don’t worry – as always, we’re going to be focusing on practical advice and cool stories.

Let us know what you think of this idea in the comments section 🙂


Why Give a Damn About Appearance

Let’s start with a great question answered in an inspirational fashion by Antonio Centeno from Real Men Real Style. If you’re new to men’s fashion blogs, you may be wondering… “Why should I care?”

Antonio argues that you should care because, whether you like it or not, the way you dress conveys a lot of information about yourself. Without necessarily being a control freak, you should at least be aware of the impression you’re making on others.

He explains how dressing well can HELP you succeed in numerous areas of your life, including your career and your relationships with women.

Read Antonio’s post here


Straight Razor Shaving Guide

This post is for those of you who are vintage-curious and/or shaving geeks. You’ll learn how to shave like a cowboy, but not just that. Indeed, this article is a veritable Bible that tells the story of razors and shaving through time, from Alexander the Great to pictures of vintage straight razors from all over Europe.

Read more here


The Underrated Solid Polo Shirt

In this post, Sabir M. Peele from Menstylepro.com has some great ideas on how to wear a bold polo shirt. We’re not talking about a classic, preppy RL shirt here. He takes a vivid red 70s polo shirt and teams it with simple, basic pieces, so that you can reproduce his outfits yourself.

Read more here


Patterns 101: All you need to know about wearing, mixing, and matching patterns

Barron Cuadro has put together an “all you need to know” post on patterns. Very well structured, the author begins with a quick overview of the patterns you see the most often. Later, he focuses on the three points you need to consider (scale, color, and mixing) when wearing patterns. Start simple and learn how to take it up a notch without making your friends feel dizzy. For those who are in a hurry, the final list of dos and don’ts will set you up in a few bullet points.

Click here to discover this post


Air Travel Tips – Have A Stylish & Stress-Free Flight

As many of you will be getting ready to go on vacation (if you’re not already there!), these quick tips for a stylish and stress-free flight should be appreciated. If you fly a lot, you may already be familiar with some of them, but this post is also an opportunity to look at the ever-outstanding outfits from the TSBmen team and Dan Trepanier.

Read more here


A Guide to Bracelets for men

The founders of the blog* you’re reading right now are working on Black Lapel, a made-to-measure clothing brand. But they didn’t stop writing, and are now offering their expert advice on Black Lapel’s blog, The Compass. They recently published a great guide on wearing bracelets for men. It’s gives you an overview of opportunities to dress up your wrist, both in the city and on the beach. *Learn more about Kinowear’s story here.

The guide can be found here

StyleGirlfriend’s first video

Megan at StyleGirlfriend offers style advice for men from a woman’s perspective, essential if you’ve ever wondered how you should dress for a date, or simply care about women’s impression of you. I really enjoy Megan’s new video series. In this first episode, she tackles three questions from readers, including “What’s women’s biggest pet peeve that guys wear?”


Selvedge Denim Homemade

Taylor at TaylorTailor really impressed me with his mission “to design and create an entire wardrobe from scratch”. So far, he’s made shirts, chinos, and much more. He’s even created selvedge denim, which I think sums up his determination all by itself, given the thickness of that fabric…

Discover the story of Taylor’s homemade denim in the recap right here

Cool surprises to come on Kinowear.com

We are working on a secret project “The Kinowear Bible“…

All the writing is done and we are now picking the pictures one by one. A huge ammount of work is being put together to offer a new ebook with a outstanding design and exclusive new pictures.

In between two pork ribs on the grill we also ship some practical advice post.


just a little bit of teasing 😉

Edit : The Kinowear Bible is now available ! Have a look here… 

Enjoy the reading!

What kind of links you would like to see appear next time ? Video, audio, pictures ? Tell us in the comments below…

  • Mark

    Hi Ben, I was wondering, do you shave with a straight razor ? I’m afraid I’m missing the point, should I give it a try ?

  • Hi Mark,
    Thanks for your comment.
    None of the member of the team are actually shaving with a straight razor. Nonetheless, I did try it many times at the Barber Shop. It’s really relaxing and you’ll get a really clean shave. I guess you can see it as some time you spend on taking care of yourself just as woment go the esthetician.

  • Anonymous

    Confusion – We are working on a secret project “The Kinowear Bible“

    Is this the one you are already selling on the right side of this article? I just came here, the book came out since then?

    Is it also the same you have been selling for some time under the Style For Modern Men title? Or is it a new, updates second edition?

    Additionally, will the Kinowear forum be back?

  • Hi, Thanks for helping me clarify this.
    You’ve got it right ! The Kinowear Bible is now available and it’s an update to the previous ebook. here: http://www.styleformodernmen.com/sfmmmethod-2/kinowear-bible/
    Most of the content is the same, the difference being the pictures (all of them have been replaced) and the design.

    At the moment, we don’t intend to bring the forum back to life. But the idea hasn’t been discarded either.

    Have a good day, thanks for catching up, Nicolas.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Nick,

    Then perhaps can you recommend a legit discussion forum – even if it’s not on your site?

    I see you have an active forum on your French site though. Maybe you just don’t find it appropriate for your English venture. OK.

  • Hi,

    Indeed, my favorites are supertalk.superfuture.com and styleforum.net. Ask andy about clothes is cool as well but more classic. Finally stylezeitgeist.com/forums/ is on the edge of fashion design.

    The reason why we don’t open up the forum here is that we just don’t have the time to work on that right now. Fortunately in France with a great team of fans who are moderating the forum. I can’t wait to see this happenning here 🙂