(Video) Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind of Will.i.am

American rapper, musician, songwriter, singer, actor and producer Will.i.am shows us a glimpse of his unique creative process in this inspirational clip from the OWN TV series, Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind.

I stay in the studio sometimes 12 hours a day, staring at a light…and me staring at a light, designing it, shaping it… affects millions of people.”

  • Chase

    Will.i.am is a genius.

  • Kerry

    Awesome video! It’s so inspirational watching successful people like will at work. It just reminds me of the level of drive and hard work it takes to make it.

  • Alex

    Wont play in Australia. “Not available in your country”. Is there any link to this which I can watch? I would love see this. He is a genius.

  • Shane

    @Alex, found an alternative link here 🙂