(Video) Tom Ford: Inside the Creative Mind of a Visionary

This documentary of Tom Ford’s life is an inspirational and engaging view behind the scenes of a successful fashion designer. Dive into the mind of a creative genius, and get inspired by the crazy work ethic required to survive through the process of creating the fashion trends that travel from the runway down to your closet.

If you’re pressed for time, take a peek at the trailer:

Here are some noteworthy quotes from the documentary:

Fashion is a business. Fashion is something that is deemed by popular culture to be the thing that you ‘should’ be wearing or you ‘should’ have… Style for me, is something completely different. You can be, what we would consider in our culture, unattractive, and have great style. You can have no money and have great style. You can have a lot of money and have great style. More often, you can have a lot of money and have terrible style and you just plaster yourself in what you’re supposed to be wearing and you’ve lost yourself. Style for me is someone who figures out who they are, what works on them, what they feel good in, and develops that, develops their character, and the outer expression of their character is style.”  – Tom Ford.

Nothing, nothing lasts. And that’s in a way the beauty of it all…once you can accept that nothing lasts. And at this point in my life I’m not going to do anything that’s not fun. I only have 30 years left, if I’m lucky, 40…maybe only 5, maybe tomorrow. So if it’s not fun, I’m not going to do it.” – Tom Ford

I believe in an enhanced reality with fashion. Fashion creates a bit of a dream. That’s the whole point I think of dressing up…is you feel better about yourself. It’s an enhanced version of who you are.” – Tom Ford

Watch the full documentary:

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