Please... STOP
Spending Too Much Money And Time Choosing Your Clothes!

  • Are you sick and tired of wasting hours online trying to find clothes you love?
  • Does it drive you nuts finding the PERFECT clothes, that are too expensive for your budget?
  • Wish you could build a badass wardrobe... even with a measly budget?

Now... you FINALLY can :)

Hi, I'm Jeremy, CEO of Kinowear, and what you're about to read will transform the way you build your wardrobe for the rest of your life!

I've Finally Discovered A SIMPLE Way
To "Autopilot" Your Shopping While
Saving 25% - 50% On Everything You Buy

My name is Jeremy Reeves and I’m about to show you how smart shoppers save HUGE amounts of time and money when shopping to upgrade their style.

As you know, most men WANT to look better. They WANT the confidence that dressing stylish gives them. They WANT to be more attractive, gain more respect from others and dress like a badass...

... but it's just too damn expensive!

That's why what you're about to read will change your life forever.

You see, I've spent the past several months perfecting this "shopping hack" that will reduce your shopping time by at least 50% while finding you HUGE discounts on your favorite clothes (typically 25% - 50%+).

You'll FINALLY have the means to build a wardrobe to be envious of. In fact, when your friends, family and co-workers see you walking around in clothes that would make David Beckham jealous...

They'll Think You're Downright LYING
When You Reveal How Little Time & Money
You Spent Building Your Wardrobe!

You’ll have to comfort them (especially your mother) because they’ll swear you're selling drugs to be able to afford such a sleek, badass wardrobe.

Sound too good to be true?

At first, I thought the same thing...

Until I tested it for myself and realized it worked even BETTER than I originally hoped!

It's Like Having A Personal Shopper
Who Finds You The PERFECT Clothes...
At 25% - 50% Off Their Normal Prices

Personal shoppers are awesome. They know all your sizes and your personal taste. They know your budget, and they know how to find amazing deals for you.

But they're expensive as hell!

It's easy to spend $500+ PER MONTH on a personal shopper.

Our system gives you all the benefits of a personal shopper, at ZERO cost.

Plus, you're NOT limited to certain stores. I'll show you how to get access to the biggest discounts and savings you'll ever find, at your favorite stores and brands, including...


Ben Sherman


Tommy Hilfiger




J. Crew

Joseph Abboud

Calvin Klein

Ralph Lauren



Hugo Boss


... and THOUSANDS more!

The Best Part Is...
ANYBODY Can Use This

I've created this system so it works for EVERY person reading this right now. Because it's all done online and YOU choose the clothes you want...

  • Location Doesn't Matter
    This is not location-specific. Regardless of where you live, whether that's the U.S., Canada, Europe, or anywhere else... you can use this system.
  • Your Budget Doesn't Matter
    If you have a limited budget, this system is made for you! In fact, the lower your budget, the BETTER results you'll get!
  • Your Unique Style Doesn't Matter
    YOU get to choose what types of clothes you want to save money on. It's 100% based on your unique style and preferences. You're NOT limited by your favorite stores, as it works for all of them!
  • GIRLS Can Also Use This
    Have a girlfriend or wife? They can also use this system, which means you save even MORE money if you're both using it. As long as you shop online, it'll work wonders for you.


The Affordable
Wardrobe System

The secret system for saving 25% - 50% off your wardrobe
while putting your shopping on autopilot...

The Affordable Wardrobe System is a videos training series created to show you how to save a heap of money when shopping online.

It’s a step-by-step shopping “hack” for keeping your money where it belongs... back in your wallet.

Here's what you'll love about it...

  1. HUGE Savings: Save a whopping 25%-50%+ on every single wardrobe purchase …
  2. Nearly Unlimited Selection: Pick & choose from thousands of stores, including your favorite brands...
  3. Save Time: Our unique process puts your shopping on autopilot
  4. Convenience: Get email and/or SMS alerts on new sales on clothes YOU choose in YOUR size... 
  5. Customize Your Outfits: Create and curate your own personal collections ...
  6. And much, much more...

Is The Affordable Wardrobe System
Right For YOU?

We created this system to help guys build a better, more stylish, higher-end wardrobe... for LESS money... with LESS time. With that said...

This IS For Guys Who...

  • Are budget-conscious and love saving money on a badass wardrobe...
  • Hate wasting hours shopping for new clothes...
  • Want to be more attractive, get ahead professionally and have more confidence by dressing more stylish...
  • Shop online (or want to start)...

This Isn't For Guys Who...

  • Enjoy wasting money on mediocre clothes...
  • Have nothing better to do than spend hours online browsing for clothes...
  • Would rather sit around in old, baggy, low quality clothes they wore 10 years ago...
  • Are crazy enough not to shop online ;)

Order Today And Receive
3 Special, Limited-Time Bonuses... FREE!

Each of these guides gives you a step-by-step action plan for putting together a solid wardrobe... including ideas for purchasing shoes... jeans... shirts... and more!

Special Bonus #1:
The Kinowear "Fundamentals" Buying Guide

Not sure where to start? This guide gives you the fundamentals you'll need to build the perfect wardrobe with the smallest budget  possible.  Inside you'll discover...

  • Which two colors of dress shirts you NEED to buy first...
  • How to achieve "the perfect fit" with every t-shirt you own... 
  • Jeans or Trousers? I'll show you, plus how to buy the perfect pair...
  • The 4 shoe-buying secrets not 1 in 100 guys knows!
  • And SO much more!

Special Bonus #2:
Smart Shopper Power Secrets

Our customers have spoken! I've gathered the most useful, practical tips from Kinowear Bible customers to save you time, money and hassle when building your wardrobe. Inside you'll discover...

  • How to get a GUARANTEED savings of up to 30% at certain stores...
  • The BEST time to buy (get it wrong and you'll overpay every time!)
  • How to find perfect fitting, custom-tailored suits for as little as $105...
  • Phillip's 3-step process for saving 30%... 45%... even 75% off his wardrobe...
  • How Mike got Armani jeans at a 90% discount...
  • And SO much more! 

Special Bonus #3:
The Kinowear Lookbook Collection

Inside this Lookbook you'll get 5 customized "looks" you can use to spark new ideas and find new inspiration to create an unforgettable wardrobe. Inside you'll discover...

  • 5 customized lookbooks to spark creative style ideas...
  • Customized recommendations for "mixing and matching" various styles to achieve a unique look
  • How to add accessories to highlight an outfit...
  • And SO much more!

Get The Affordable Wardrobe System 
For Just $37 When You Order Today...

With A One-Year, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Get the entire Affordable Wardrobe package, including ALL the bonuses, for just $37 today. You will save at least that much on your VERY FIRST purchase! Plus you'll have a strategy you can use for many years to come, saving hundreds of dollars every single year.

Plus your purchase is backed by our one-year 100% money-back guarantee. If for ANY reason you’re not absolutely thrilled with your purchase I’ll refund your entire purchase price ([email protected]).

When you order today you'll receive...

  • The Affordable Wardrobe System
  • Bonus #1: Kinowear "Fundamentals" Buying Guide
  • Bonus #2: Smart Shopper Power Secrets
  • Bonus #3: Kinowear Lookbook Collection
  • 1-Year, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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