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A Man’s Guide To Jeans

It’s a Friday night and your buddies call you for drinks at the hottest new bar in town. With a casual dress code, this new place is not looking for squares, so there’s no need to break out your work trousers. Khakis? Nah, that’s more daytime wear. Boardshorts? Now you’re getting delusional. There’s only one […]

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How To Dress Up for a Black Tie Event

“There are dinner jackets, and then there are dinner jackets” – Vesper Lynd, Casino Royale   It’s here. It’s time. No more pulling punches.  A Black Tie affair is where you bring your best. As the male equivalent to the red carpet, it’s where gentlemen can dress their best to compete with the ladies. After […]

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Winter Fashion Cover

The Only Winterwear Guide You Will Ever Need

A blizzard sweeps through the city skyscrapers, howling with such ferocity that even the streetlights creak in fear. You’ve stared outside your window hoping that the winter gods will gift you temporary respite, at least enough for you to reach your car with minimal frostbite. Looking out onto the street, there is a man pouring […]

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How Can You Evolve Your Style?

Pascal, a long-time reader, shares his own experience with us: Note from Nicolas: after Fabrice’s style transformation post (which was much appreciated) here’s another good account that Pascal is about to tell us. Just like Fabrice, Pascal prefers an elegant style – relaxed, based on simple pieces, but all very well chosen. Sartorial style is […]

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