Tying the Knot – A Formal Introduction to Ties

Neckties, knit ties, bowties, oh my! How will you ever decide wading through this sea of neckwear? Well that’s what we’re here for. Possessing the same effect as bows have on presents, a tie wraps together whatever outfit you’re wearing into a tidy package. Women say they love a man in a suit, but a […]

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The Dopp Kit – A Man’s Best Friend

Introducing the best insurance policy on the planet. We present to you… The Dopp Kit. No alarm system, parachute, or bulletproof vest will have you feeling safer than this bag of toiletries right here. This will save you more times than Wikipedia on the night of a final project. Invented by a leather craftsman in […]

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How To Take A Vacation With Style

Let’s face it, we all have those days when you’re at your work desk looking for tropical getaways while occasionally scanning your boss’ location. Good for you. We should all treat ourselves to a vacation every now and then. So you find the right dates, book the trip, and you’re all ready to go! Wait, […]

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What To Wear At The Gym

The sweat stings your eyes. You’re soaked from head to toe and smell like a week-old egg salad sandwich. As you’re panting heavily and catching your breath, you wonder “what happened?” Oh, you just finished a workout. And you picked grey for your shirt color? No one wants to see those sweat stains man, no […]

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