Kinowear Lookbook: #11

This look is a seamless hybrid of classic professional men’s wear, casual street pieces, and military-inspired elements. Despite borrowing aspects from very different styles, the reason this look works so well is because it keeps to the most important principles of an attractive style. 1) Fit 2) Color 3) Proportion

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How to Build Unstoppable Confidence

Building self-confidence is something that most people leave to chance. Many settle for the belief that as you get older you’ll just automatically grow in confidence through “experience.” But waiting for external factors to give you confidence is like building your house on sandy ground. When the flood comes, your house will be washed away […]

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Seven Traits of the Highly Remarkable Man

Have you ever heard someone speak and felt compelled to soak up every word? You just want to know them, be around them and learn from. That’s the mark of a remarkable person. While some people are born with an enigmatic quality, most people become that way willfully. Many highly charismatic, magnetic people didn’t get […]

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Kinowear Lookbook: #10

What I like most about this outfit is the balance of masculinity and femininity. That balance is what creates a sexually appealing look. Why? Because most men stick to safe t-shirts and button downs, almost as if they’re afraid to attract attention. With a bold outfit such as this one, you display that you can […]

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Kinowear Lookbook: #9

One of my favorite things to wear during sunny but cool weather is a denim jacket. It’s great for layering because it’s thick enough to keep you warm enough when it’s breezy out, and thin enough to keep you cool when the sun is beating. It’s also a classic staple item that I think every […]

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