Changes coming to Kinowear!

Big Changes Coming To Kinowear!

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Reeves and I’ve recently purchased the Kinowear website from Nicolas. In case you’re wondering, Nicolas was a delight to work with. I hold a great amount of respect for him and his team and hope to continue the legacy they’ve built! He and I will […]

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Testing the Gant Rugger, and how to wear a summer suit.

A short time ago, I discovered the products and the universe of Gant Rugger, directing me straight to their shop in Paris. We’re going to reflect together what pulls this relatively new brand together. Gant, a long family history Bernard Gantmacher and his wife Rosa, who both worked in the trade of shirt making, came […]

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How to dress well when you’re tall and skinny

Sleeves too short, shirts too big, it’s such a chore when you’re bigger than the average person. So, what’s the knack to dressing well when you’re tall and thin? It’s a problem I’ve coped with since my adolescent years, where people would playfully nickname me “the shrimp”. My dear readers, if you’re taller than 5ft9 […]

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