Jack Sparow

Three (and a half) reasons to avoid the full look

I often see people with looks that are both too pronounced (a single brand, or vibe that’s too strongly expressed: roots, rock, preppy…) and, all too often, poorly put together. And, well, I am convinced that these two things are two sides of the same problem that feed off each other. Let me give you […]

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Sneakers 101 : bits and bobs, tips…and thoughts.

This article aims to be ‘brief’ and get to the bottom of things on a number of questions we receive concerning these beautiful creatures. Knowing how to taste them then get a taste for them requires the same as for sashimi: they need to be served raw, lively and sharp (for the freshness of the […]

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Quality and low-end prêt-à-porter

Quality and low-end ready to wear

Disclaimer: on reading this post you agree to see your ideas about ready to wear, small designers and fake luxury brands being challenged if not completely turned upside down… Ah, low-end Ready To Wear (RTW = Ready To Wear), that awful entrance door into the world of men’s fashion…However, despite being for many men the […]

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How to put an outfit together?

It’s a question that comes up time and time again. In fact, some people know how to choose a pair of jeans, a shirt, a pair of shoes, but don’t think about how to put all of these items together to create an outfit… How to put them all together in a harmonious ensemble. As […]

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