How to choose your Jeans: the ultimate guide

The jean is probably the item of clothing that gets worn the most by men in the Western world… but it is definitely also the one that gets worn the worst. That’s because buying jeans is more complicated than it sounds. The average guy’s jeans are too big for him and made from poor-quality, cheap-looking […]

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Kinowear’s web review #2: September

There were quite a lot of interesting articles this month, the summer is over and everyone’s busy. That’s why we deliver this web review at the very end of the month and why you didn’t have one in August. Guys who know their stuff talk about men’s rags Great interview of Stefano Pilati (ex artistic […]

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How to wear colors (part 1/2): Coordination Rules

It’s time to regain some order when it comes to colors. The situation has gotten ridiculous, and I’m going to tell you why. And also how to bring your color skills up to this standard: You know that more and more men are worrying about dressing in the right colors. And people often ask me […]

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Readers’ mail – Is my style really improving ?

Is your style really improving ? You may wonder. A lot of our readers do. How would you know ? That’s the question our friend Hugo asked us… In this article you’re going to learn what you should be focusing on when you’ve mastered the basics of your wardrobe. Hi Kinowear team, I’ve been a […]

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