The Kinowear Video Coaching Program

Here's What You'll Find Inside
The Kinowear Video Coaching Course...

12 In-Depth Video Lessons

In these videos, we’ll show you, as if you were next to us, the different things you need to bear in mind to evaluate an item of clothing: cut, size, quality, how to wear it, how to look after it, what are the mistakes that you need to stop making…

There will also be other videos specifically about style: how to accessorize, how to match clothes, how to find your own style…

In these videos you’ll learn the basics for improving your style.

Exercises With Each Video

At the end of each video, there are exercises depending on your level.

I can assure you, I’m not going to ask for a three hour dissertation about the cut of a blazer! They’re practical and simple.

These exercises allow you to memorize the ideas, put them into practice, but also find where you’re at: a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

We’ve done them so that you only need to take a little bit of time to take in a lot. What’s more, they’re fun and easy to understand. Thanks to these exercises, you’ll buy effectively and be confident in your choices.

Our Top Shopping Picks

Every week, there will be a selection of clothes for you, with affordable price tags and always the best quality/elegance/price ratios.

You will be able to buy these clothes in most big cities department stores. And there will also be a very extensive Internet selection so that you can buy from home.

One last thing: we’ve tested the clothes that we recommend, and carefully chosen the sellers, so that you can buy completely securely.

And during the sales, you’ll make gigantic savings. You’ll be able to build your closet whilst the price of the Kinowear Program is saved several times.

Personalized Coaching

We will respond individually to all your questions at the end of every lesson.

This will help you to stay motivated thanks to our encouragement (and the encouragement of others also on the Program!) It’s great for those who need a bit of a helping hand to get going.

Free Bonus #1:
100+ Sample Outfits You Can Model

Instant access to all photos in the book. These HD pictures include real life outfits we wear everyday. 100+ ideas for outfits you can replicate easily.

Free Bonus #2:
3 Smartphone "Cheat Sheets"

  • The "Jacket" Cheat Sheet

    This cheat sheet is a quick mindmap you can download to your smartphone or tablet to remember what you need to look for when purchasing a new jacket.

  • The "Jeans" Cheat Sheet

    This downloadable PDF gives you a quick glance at exactly what you need to know and look for in a new pair of jeans. Download it to your phone or tablet to avoid purchasing mistakes!

  • The "Shirts" Cheat Sheet

    Guys make a lot of mistakes buying shirts. That’s why you’ll get this cheat sheet you can download straight to your smartphone or tablet to always buy the perfect shirt while saving money on those mistakes!

Free Bonus #3:
All Our Top Resources

Inside the Kinowear membership you'll get access to my comprehensive section showing all of our favorite places to purchase clothes for the best possible price. We include stores for ALL budgets, from 'everyday' prices to extremely high-end, so you'll discover new gems you never knew about, perfect for you and your wardrobe.

Plus... I'm constantly securing exclusive deals, coupons and vouchers to incredible stores, worth MUCH more than $77, for my customers.

Free Bonus #4:
Free Updates For Life

We're always coming up with new resources, new bonuses and new ways of thinking. Any time we come out with a new update for the Kinowear site (always adding more value), you'll be given immediate access to the latest version so you're always on top of your game.

Thoughts From Existing Members...

I personally followed the Kinowear Program which taught me an enormous amount of things, whether it was about the fit of clothes or quality brands that I’d never heard of.

Something that I wasn’t expecting, and that was very enlightening, were the videos explaining how to recognise a good knitwear, good selvedge jeans…even how to tell the difference between a plastic button and a quality mother-of-pearl one!

It’s really changed my outlook on how I dress and I’ve started to really appreciate quality clothing.

Thanks again, Kinowear Team, for having changed my life a little for the better!

- J. Jose

‘It opened my eyes!’ – that’s exactly what the Kinowear Program did for me.

Opened my eyes to what good style is and what the fundamentals of clothing are.

The blog was already excellent…and the Program goes even further!

It’s great to see videos showing you how a bad fit impacts on your figure, how to judge real quality and also how to avoid being sucked in my marketing campaigns and bright lights.

It’s something I’ve never seen elsewhere!

- Julien

Here’s my tribute to your brilliant work:

Being a little sceptical at the start about starting a course in dressing, I very quickly saw that I’d already been making changes using the blog’s advice, so I told myself to go for it.

At the age of 56(!), I’d always avoided broaching the topic: so it had always been jeans and a T-shirt, same brand, design and size year after year…

Completely stressed out if I had to go into a store, I’d limited my exposure to the hostile world, simple seeing my jeans, paying and fleeing.

I discovered that there were materials, cuts, quality and passionate guys. That dressing well can be something masculine and not just a woman’s world. That you can express something about yourself through your clothes. That you can define yourself and really be someone.

- Gerard

At the start I was hesitant to take a ‘course’ in how to dress well, because I was convinced that the Kinowear articles were enough to know the basics…

Attracted by a relatively low and competitive monthly cost (when you consider the money wasted on bad clothes), I decided to take the leap of faith.

And SURPRISE!!! The Kinowear Program offers loads of content (videos, shopping selections, mindmaps, practical exercises and advice) which on the one hand consolidates the fundamentals of the blog and on the other hand gives you a new relationship with clothes: a good relationship.

- Vincent

I found the Kinowear Program really complete. I was looking for something to complete what I already knew and it was exactly what I was after.

What I liked the most was the diversity of the content between the articles, the selection of clothes and the PDF exercises to apply what you’d learned.

I was really surprised to get so much content for the price! Hats’ off!

- Yass

To begin with I’d gone through the Kinowear Bible that was full of useful lessons. It was amazing how all of the questions that I’d asked myself were being slowly answered throughout.

When the question of the Program came up, I hesitated…But the book reassured me and made me want to go even further.

And I admit that it was well worth it. I realised that I’d been making more and more mistakes over the years and had lost any style I had. I’d bought things that I thought were great, that didn’t work at all and I hadn’t understood why.

I now have a different view on clothes, I actually enjoy shopping when it’s focussed, I don’t waste any more time, and I know what I want and what I don’t want!

- Sebousse

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bluebullet  The 12-Video Kinowear Video Coaching Course (Normally $147)

bluebullet  100+ Sample Outfits 

bluebullet  12 Shopping Cheat Sheets  

bluebullet  Full Access To All Our Best Resources (updated regularly) 

bluebullet  Your Questions Answered (inside the members area) 

bluebullet  Kinowear Style & Success Workbooks (exercises for the 12 videos)

bluebullet  1-year, 100% money-back guarantee

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Have Questions? I Have Answers...

  • q-iconIs It Easy To Get A Refund?

    Yes. If for any reason it’s not for you, just email me personally ([email protected]). It takes me about 10 seconds to give you a refund, which shows up in your bank account within 5-10 business days.

  • q-iconDoes This Only Teach A Specific Type Of Style?

    This course teaches you the universal principles, not a specific type of style. You’ll be able to take the concepts and apply them to whatever style you personally enjoy.

  • q-iconHow Do I Get Access To The Product?

    As soon as you order, our system automatically creates a membership login for you. Check your email to get that information, login, and you’ll be reading within 30 seconds.

  • q-iconWhat Age Group Is This For?

    All ages. I have 14 year old customers as well as 65+ year old customers. Again, it teaches you the universal principles of style, with tons of examples so you can use what you learn to build your own style.

  • q-iconWhat Payment Methods Do You Accept?

    All major credit cards, as well as Paypal. Just no wire transfers. You can also send a check if you really want to (email me if that’s the case).

  • q-iconIs This For Beginners Or Advanced People?

    The Kinowear Bible goes over beginner, intermediate and advanced principles. However it puts a little more emphasis on beginner/intermediate skills. The video course picks up where the Bible leaves off and takes you much deeper with the use of video to show you so you can visually see what each small difference makes.

If by chance you still have more questions, fill out the form below. Don't worry, you'll stay on the page after submitting.