Kinowear Lookbook: #6

What you’ll need to put this one together:

1. Black double breasted coat

2. Gray wool dress pants

3. Black heavy wool scarf

4. Black monk strap shoes

5. optional piece: Black leather bag


I absolutely love this look. This guy conveys a perfect mix of attitude and class. It’s a prime example of how anyone can pull off a look with attitude while keeping it incredibly classy.

You’re probably not wearing this one to work, but it’s a perfect one for that weekend date.

One element that makes this look so attractive is how well everything fits. From head to toe, every part of this outfit looks tailor fit, making him look incredibly sharp.

The heavy scarf is fearlessly stylish. I love over-sized scarves like this because it’s just extravagant. Whenever I see someone wearing a scarf like this, I automatically assume that they’re incredibly confident.

The double breasted coat looks like a sweater (and a sweater should work here as well). It has the structure of a blazer or pea coat, but seems to have the comfort and fit of a sweater.

As for the bag, it adds that fashionable, “busy making moves” touch. A classic messenger bag or duffel bag should also work here.

Hope these inspirational looks are giving you ideas for your own style! Please share your rating and comments below!


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