Kinowear Lookbook: #3

Here’s the list of similar pieces to replicate this look:

1. Beige cardigan

2. Dark blue plaid shirt

3. Dark grey silk narrow tie

4. Medium fade bootcut jeans

5. Dark brown buckled leather boots










First Impression:

The always stylish David Beckham conveys a look here that is both refined and rugged, keeping it classically masculine, while showing off his fashion prowess with his treatment of the details.

The Breakdown:

There are several things to notice in this look. For one, there is nothing particularly special about the individual pieces he’s wearing. What makes this look exceptional is his focus on the details and how he wears each piece.

The first thing I noticed was the half-tuck of the shirt. The half-tuck is usually difficult to pull off without looking accidentally messy. This is one of those examples of someone seemingly “breaking a rule” but making it work. In this case, the technique works well to dress down the neat look of the cardigan/shirt/tie. More importantly, it reveals the belt buckle and a part of the belt leather. He supports this by leaving the last two buttons of the cardigan open.

One of the most common areas that men neglect when it comes to their fashion is the seemingly insignificant details. Next time you’re putting together a new look, remember that even one little detail–whether your jeans are distressed or not, a necklace shiny or matte, a shirt deliberately tucked in or not— can undermine or make an entire look.

Let’s go through those other elements:

Notice not so much the style of the cardigan, but how it’s worn. Not only are the last two buttons left open to reveal his belt, but his sleeves are pulled up 1 inch to reveal the pattern of his plaid shirt underneath. Sometimes you may see such accents in the form of folding up a blazer sleeve to reveal an interesting lining, but this is another great example of how you can accent your second layer with your first.

The subtle argyle pattern works extremely well here to add that classy touch without being overwhelming. Remember how we mentioned the importance of buttons in one the previous articles? Notice how even the color and style of the buttons on the cardigans matches the color scheme (which is limited to 3 colors) of the outfit.

Note the slim/skinny tie which keeps the look casual. Also note how the tie knot is very small.  A wider tie would look pretty awkward and out of place here.  Also, his solid skinny tie breaks the pattern of the shirt. Whenever you have a pattern on a pattern, it helps to throw in a solid to prevent things from getting too busy.

As for the jeans, notice how he uses the slight brown fade of his jeans to match the color scheme. The bootcut is also extremely functional here allowing the huge leather boots to hide under his jeans.

Also, Notice how he matches the color and texture of the boots to that of his belt. Everything from the waist down seems to carry the common “distressed” look.

Lastly, note his slight facial hair that carries the rugged, yet refined theme. Everything is used towards his complete look, even the details of his grooming.

Like an excellent film is marked by an uncompromising attention to the smallest of details–the angle of a shot, the lighting of a scene, the slight undertone of emotion in an actor’s voice, or the subtle dynamic between two actors–so it is with style. Everything matters. Everything communicates. Style is in the details, and this look is proof.

Hope this has been helpful and inspirational! I’d love to hear your thoughts about this look in the comments!

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