Kinowear Lookbook: #2


Here’s what you’ll need to replicate this look:

1. Gray leather bomber jacket

2. Cotton rib sweater-jacket

3. Red flannel shirt

4. Gray v-neck t-shirt

5.Slim blue jeans

6. Neon blue socks

7. Vans Classic Slip-Ons





First impression:

This guy looks like a modern day James Dean. His look is laid-back and masculine, with an eye-catching touch of rebellion against the status quo.

The breakdown:

I love the way this look is put together. It grabs attention but isn’t overly garish.

What caught my eyes were his socks. The bold accent of neon blue says a lot about his personality. It’s loaded with a light-hearted confidence that isn’t afraid to get noticed for something unconventional.

The way he cuffed his jeans not only reveals more of his socks, but draws your eyes toward them by framing them with a neutral color to accentuate the contrast.

He also has on a simple pair of shoes that do nothing but let the socks do their job: stand out as the boldest piece of the outfit.

I also love how he layered his clothes here. In cold weather, we’re usually tempted to wear only a thick sweater and an even thicker jacket. But he takes many pieces and fuses them together which results in both warmth and style.

He has on a low-cut v-neck which gives him a laid-back vibe – showing some skin gives him an edge of sex appeal – and rather than a fashion misstep during cool weather it seems purposeful as he wears a warm flannel shirt that adds some color and pattern. The sweater-jacket’s greatest contribution is the popped collar which works really well together with his leather jacket to complete that “James Dean” look.

Though every part of this look works very well together, the look is really all about the accentuating piece: the neon blue socks. To do this without them would really take away from this outfit. If you can’t see yourself wearing colored socks, add bold colors to your outfit through other accessories such as a scarf, hat, or gloves.

I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions, and questions on this look in the comments!

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  • Kar

    Nice! This guy is really stylish.

  • DB

    mmmm I appreciate your analysis of this piece, even if I don’t like the style.

  • chris

    Not my typical style.. but the clothes definitely bring out the personality and emotions of a “biker/bad boy” type of guy.

    Your Kinowear Lookbook posts are great so far! If your taking lookbook suggestions do a post on a sophisticated new york/LA style..

  • 100Juice

    You can also be spunky and wear bold colored shoelace in your Leathershoes, like here

  • Jerome

    Though this style isn’t me, I’m loving the concept of the lookbook! Please keep them coming!



    I like how you this piece is very cost effective, kinda grungy and it takes a certain kind of person to pull it off, but if they can then this is a great affordable unique and stylish look not everyone would/could have. The leather jacket in my opinion is interchangeable and a lot of people own a bomber jacket or a leather jacket similar to it.

  • Cool. Thanks for breaking it down. I never considered socks being the central aspect of the look, but it makes total sense now. Your breakdowns are really helpful, Jae.

  • Vincent Edward G. Binua

    dude! I AGREE about the socks! 🙂
    Im a fan and Im loving this Lookbook!

    keep up!

    – Vincent

  • Scott

    Cool! I never realized how important socks could be… great post!

  • These posts are great for inspiration, and so is this blog. Will differently be checking back for more tips 🙂

  • Glowing Face Man

    I love how the core of the entire outfit is the socks, of which only a tiny bit of surface area is visible. It hints at hidden depth below the surface and suggests mystery, making you think, what’s he hiding?

  • Andrew

    Wow, Jae your my hero. I saw this on satorialist a very long time ago, and loved it. Looks like a combination of James Dean, with modern hipster flair. I can see girls going apeshit for this look.

  • David

    This lookbook is looking awesome already. But I hope you don’t neglect your other posts!

    Suggestion: The analysis is great but how about a “lookbook” with many different looks. One can skim through for ideas and you can break the popular ones down with an anaylsis every week or whatever.

    Just an idea.


  • Replay

    Deja Vu

    This is in my own personal style file. One of my favourites.

    His Morrisey haircut had me trying to work up the courage to cut mine like that for months!

    Seeing this here only makes me more exited for what you’ll bring next,
    Your moving in the perfect direction to me. Kudos

  • Pavel

    For the next lookbook, try to go for a more sophisticated/business style that is still stylish. I believe that after this bad boy look, the readers are interested in seeing the more sophisticated side of style

  • Wei Long

    I LOVE THIS LOOK! Serious, top notch stuff! Just wondering, would you be able to update this post with some insight to adapting this look for individuals who are skinnier or bigger than the model pictured?

    Perhaps you can suggest swapping out something or just plainly indicate that the look wouldn’t complement people of certain body shapes.

    Thanks! Really hope you might consider my suggestion!

  • Jae

    Thanks for the comments guys, wanted to throw something out there that may be challenging to most. I just saw a guy in the city today with a suit on and orange socks ;] I appreciated it a lot, but if it doesn’t vibe you, at least you know what you like and don’t like ;]

  • Brent

    Very cool. Love his hair.

  • Brett

    I agree that the socks make it looks like he is hiding something which owns. The only thing I don’t like is the guy’s haircut, just not my thing.

  • DangerousD

    Hey, really nice outfit!
    But i’ve got a question:

    Imagine: I have a BLACK bomber leather jacket, can i wear instead of the black cotton rib sweater a grey one and instead of the grey v neck shirt a black one? so i would change the colours.
    (i dont want to buy a new grey leather jacket 😛 )

  • Jae

    Hey DangerousD,

    To answer your question directly, you don’t have to wear a grey jacket, your combination of the colors would work too. All these looks are just for inspiration, by all means work with what you have ;]