Kinowear Lookbook: #15

What you’ll need to put together this look:

1. Blue denim jacket

2. Check shirt

3. White graphic t-shirt

4. Khaki cotton pants

5. Black Converse Chuck Taylors












First impression:

Only a fashion savvy guy could have put this outfit together. 


I’m currently doing seminars in Korea, and being here has made me want to write about great “casual” style.

The guys here really re-define “casual” style. It’s so funny because you can instantly spot a foreigner just by their lack of fashion. Even if they are Asian, they stand out like a sore thumb.

I think many places truly need to upgrade their standards for dressing. As an American, it’s clear to me that the majority of our nation is more about comfort than fashion. We wear gym clothes in public and the term “casual” is so loosely used that most people equate it to looking like a hobo.

Today’s lookbook is a reminder that we can set our standards higher.

So let’s take a look at what makes this outfit so great:

  • Perfect fit
  • Great use of layering – You can never go wrong with a classic denim jacket. It’s a “casual” outfit staple that every man should own.
  • The right use of color – The outfit is tastefully color coordinated. There aren’t more than three major colors, keeping the outfit simple and fluid with the rest of the outfit.
  • A graphic tee here – It’s rare that graphic tees with silly humor ever come off as attractive, but this one goes well with this outfit because they put his stylish converse sneakers on display.
  • The use of khaki pants here – You want to avoid wearing blue jeans when wearing a denim jacket, because you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a tacky denim suit.

If you want to read more about great casual style, check out the What Asia Taught Me About Casual Style article for more!

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