How To Groom Your Eyebrows

It’s funny how for most men, “grooming” seems to be more of a big event than a normal part of their self-maintenance; like brushing their teeth, showering, etc.

It’s clear that some parts of society will frown upon men who pay too much attention to their grooming habits. Grooming is better associated with the metrosexual guys and the gay community.

The truth is that all men know the inherent benefits of being well groomed. It’s evolutionarily wired into human behavior to be more attracted to people who look healthier and more appealing. The only difference is that gay men have more social acceptance in paying extra attention to their appearance than straight men.

Screw that idea, and pay more attention to your personal grooming habits. You have to make the most of everything you have – taking care of your grooming habits will tap into your greatest potential for looking healthy and appealing.

We all have our opinions on what is acceptable for men – the way they should fit into their gender roles and stereotypes. Times are changing, and the women today pay a lot more attention to a man’s grooming habits than ever before.

All of my female friends have confirmed that no matter how unattractive a man is, if they are well groomed, they always catch their eye. The more details in hygiene and grooming a man fails to take care of, no matter how attractive he man is, the more points lost in a woman’s eyes.

Paying attention to your grooming will only increase your attractiveness.

Today I will talk about eyebrow maintenance.

Eyebrows are so important in framing your whole face. It makes you look polished when well taken care of.

Of course it depends on your current brow situation.

If you have really bushy eyebrows, you might want to consider having your brows waxed professionally to get exactly the shape you want.

Then you can more easily tweeze the strays as they grow in.

If you have ANY hair above your nose, it MUST GO.

Unibrows are highly unattractive.

If you want to do it at home yourself, it’s highly recommended that you do not shave it.

It’s proven that shaving doesn’t make hair grow in thicker or faster; Although hair will still look thicker because the ends are no longer naturally tapered but blunt. It may also cause the hairs to grow out in odd messy directions.

A better option would be to buy yourself a nice pair of tweezers, the better the tweezer the better it will be at grabbing fine hairs. There are tweezers on the market that are specially designed for tweezing eyebrows. They cost a bit more but make the experience less painful. You can find a nice pair at your nearest Sephora store.

Wash your face to get rid of dirt and excess oil before you pluck, this will make it easier for the hairs to come out.

Make sure you pluck the hair in the direction that it grows. Do not pull them in any direction that you want. Otherwise, the root of the hair gets trained, and it starts to grow in the direction that you are pulling.

As a man, you want your eyebrows to look great but still you want them to look as natural as possible. Overshaping them will only make you look girly and super metrosexual.

If you don’t have any craziness going on up there, and your eyebrows look pretty normal, you only need to take a few steps to make them look better.

First, brush your eyebrows up from the bottom with small brush to groom and shape. After you shaped eyebrows, tweeze those hairs that OBVIOUSLY lie outside of the eyebrow’s natural shape. One hair at a time. Last step is to trim them gently with scissors over brow brush that helps you control brow length.

And that should be enough for the most of men.

Here is a quick video I found for you visual people, to demonstrate how it’s done:

VideoJug: How To Tame Hairy Eyebrows

For those who have very faint eyebrows, and want them to look thicker, and stronger, check out this website for examples on using filling them in:

(the powders seem to work best for a natural look)

If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always get them waxed at a salon, or threaded. Threading your eyebrows gives you a better result than waxing or plucking because it pulls an entire row of hair from the follicle to achieve a more straight-looking line of hair.

Keep yourself well groomed!