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Kinowear’s web review #3: October

Hi guys, Last week I sent you a survey about what you found to be the biggest problems and most frustrating things when dressing well, so that we could help you more. If you finished it in right up to the end, you received my latest free guide: The 10 Little Touches That Make A […]

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Kinowear’s web review #2: September

There were quite a lot of interesting articles this month, the summer is over and everyone’s busy. That’s why we deliver this web review at the very end of the month and why you didn’t have one in August. Guys who know their stuff talk about men’s rags Great interview of Stefano Pilati (ex artistic […]

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Web Review #1 Best links on men’s fashion

Hi guys, With this post, we’re starting a new category – we’ll call it “Web Review”. On a regular basis, once or twice a month, we’re going to share our favorite posts from other bloggers with you. Our aim will be to help you discover talented bloggers, designers, craftsmen, and brands, as well as the […]

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