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Why Most Guys Will Never Understand Style

Not all knowledge is created equal. Most people think they can simply read a blog post and understand style. They think they can read some magazines and understand style. Heck, a lot of people purchase the Kinowear Bible, thinking they’ll understand style. Ehhhh. WRONG. As the person selling the course, you probably think I’m insane […]

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The progress of a reader who is a lot like you

Disclaimer – in this article, I present you with the testimony of Fabrice. A reader of the blog for a long time now, Fabrice has become a friend of the team over the years. His progression is enormous, as can be seen in the photos that you’ll find in his article. This article has not […]

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Inevitable Goal Achievement

How to Make Achieving your Goal Inevitable

It’s easy to put things into momentum. We start off passionately, excited to take the first step towards our goals. The difficult part is keeping the fiery enthusiasm we had when we first started – and following through. It could be a new habit, like going to the gym more often or getting started on […]

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(Video) Tyler Perry on Success

In 2011, Forbes named Tyler Perry the highest paid man in entertainment. In this candid video message, he gives simple and powerful advice to those trying to become successful by sharing how he went from homeless to mega-millionaire.

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